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Women�s Health

For too many years, medical researchers assumed that treatments, which worked for men, would be equally effective with women. Today, we know that gender differences exist in prevalence, severity and type of a wide variety of illnesses, disorders and conditions � at every stage of life, from the most basic cellular and sub-cellular levels to the entire system.
  • Heart disease kills an estimated 50,000 more American women than men annually.
  • Women are two-to-three times more likely than men to suffer from clinical depression.
  • Smoking has a more negative effect on the cardiovascular health of women than men.
  • Three out of four people suffering from autoimmune diseases, such as multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis and lupus, are women.
  • Approximately 40,000 more women than men suffer from stroke each year.
  • Mechanisms of how tumors evade the immune response system and cancer immunotherapy
  • Risk factors that may predispose women to heart attacks and to poor recovery after a heart attack.
Source: Society for Women�s Health Research

Research scientists at Winthrop-University Hospital are focused on the need to better understand gender differences and translate that knowledge into improved medical practices and therapies.

WUH Researchers� Study:

  • Gynecologic malignancies
  • Conditions in women with history of breast cancer

Faculty who study Women�s Health:

Eva Chalas, M.D.
Barbara George, EdD
Nazeeh Hanna, M.D.
Patricia Patrick, Dr.P.H.
Allison Reiss, M.D.
Anthony Vintzileos, M.D.
Jeannine Villella, D.O.
Joshua DeLeon, MD
Kevin Marzo, MD
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