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Mariano Castro-Magana, MD

Winthrop Titles/Positions

Director, Pediatric Endocrinology

Academic Faculty Appointments

Professor of Clinical Pediatrics State University of New York at Stony Brook


120 Mineola Blvd Suite 210, Mineola NY 11501




Brief Resume

Dr. Mariano Castro-Magana obtained his medical degree in 1974 at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of SanSalvador in El Salvador. He had his residency training in Pediatrics and Fellowship in Pediatric Endocrinology at Nassau County Medical Center in East Meadow, NY. He stayed at Nassau County as chief of the pediatric endocrinology division and as director of the fellowship program for 8 years. During that time 8 pediatric endocrinology fellows graduated holding their board certifications and academic positions in teaching institutions. Currently Dr. Castro-Magana has been the Director of the Pediatric Endocrinology Division at Winthrop University Hosptal for the last 16 years building one of the strongest pediatric endocrinology divisions in the country. He holds an academic degree of the Professor of Clinical Pediatrics at the School of Medicine of the State University of New York at Stony Brook.

Description of Research Interests/Activities

Dr. Castro-Magana research interests in growth and pubertal development are reflected on his publications. One of his landmark paper published in the American Journal of Diseases of Childhood on Zinc nutritional status, androgens and growth retardation is the largest and most definite paper on this subject that has been published to date. It provides new insight and firm bases for the relationship between puberty, anabolic hormone and zinc nutritional status. After the discovery effects of growth hormone on mitochondrial tranhydrogennase in rats Dr. Castro-Magana showed partial dependence of human mitochondrial 11 hydroxylance in the adrenal gland on growth hormone (J. Clin Endo Meta 56;662, 198). Two very important papers were published in the journal of pediatrics (J Ped 109: 784, 1989, J of Pediat 112: 397, 1988). One described the effect of clonidine, an proof adrenergic agonist, in the growth hormone secretion and linear growth of children with constitutional growth delay, opening a new insight in the physiopathology of growth hormone release in children with poor growth. The other J of Pediatric publication described the complicated aspect of testicular function in children with primary hypothyroidism. In 1993Dr. Castro-Magana in his paper published in the New Eng J of Medicine described a novel non-classic form of 17-ketoreductase deficiency as cause of gynecomastia, followed by his publication on the effect of finasteride administration and testicular steroidogenesis. He has also worked on the characterization of two novel mutations of the type II 3 B Hydroxy steroid dehydrogenase gene (J Clin Endo Metab 85: 1678, 2000). This research is the basis of his new proposed hormonal criteria for the diagnosed of genotypic type II 3 beta hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase. During the last few years Dr. Castro-Magana has worked on the effect of growth hormone on bone metabolism.

Areas of Experience

Bone & Mineral Metabolism
Growth at puberty Testicular function

Research Team Members

Dr. James Yeh

Clinical Practice and Interests

The hallmark of Winthrop-University Hospital's Pediatric Endocrinology is its access to uncommon as well as common endocrine disorders. The extraordinarily challenging case mix includes relatively large numbers of Prader-Willi Syndrome patients, growth hormone deficient patients, and those with intersex problems. The relationship between the clinical disorders and the underlying genetic causes is actively pursued by fellows as they rotate between clinical practice and the Endocrinology Laboratory.

Selected Publications

Castro-Magana M, Collipp PJ, Chen SY, Cheruvanky T and Maddaiah VT: Zinc nutritional status, androgens and growth retardation. Am J Dis Child 135:322-325, l98l.
Castro-Magana M, Maddaiah VT, Collipp PJ and Angulo M: Synergistic effects of growth hormone therapy on plasma levels of 11-deoxycortisol and cortisol in growth hormone deficient children. J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 56:662-667, April 1983.
Castro-Magana M, Angulo M, Collipp PJ, Chen SY, Derenoncourt A, Espinoza B: Effect of testosterone on hair, serum and urine zinc in patients with hypogonadotropic hypogonadism (Kallman Syndrome). J Ped Endocrinology, l:129-131, l985.
Castro-Magana M, Angulo M, Chen SY and Collipp PJ: The interrelationship between testosterone and zinc metabolism. J Ped Endocrinology 1: 15-20, 1985.
Castro-Magana M, Angulo M, Fuentes B, Castelar ME, Canas A and Espinoza B: Effect of prolonged clonidine administration in growth hormone concentrations and rate of linear growth in children with constitutional growth delay. J Ped, 109:784-787, l986.
Castro-Magana M, Angulo M, Canas A, Sharp A and Fuentes B: Hypothalamic-pituitary gonadal axis in boys with primary hypothyroidism and macroorchidism. J Ped, 112:397-402, l988.
Castro-Magana M, Angulo M, Canas AJ, and Uy J: Improvement of Leydig Cell Function in adolescent males after varicocelectomy. J Ped 115:809-812, l989.
Castro-Magana M, Angulo M, Fuentes B, Canas A, Sharp A and Uy J: Determination of the spontaneous 24-hour growth hormone secretion to select children with delay of growth and pubertal development for growth hormone therapy. J Ped Endo 3:225-230, l989.
Castro-Magana M, Angulo M, Canas A, and Uy J: Leydig Cell function in Adolescent boys with Varicoceles. Archives of Andrology 24:73-79, l989.
Castro-Magana M, Bronsther B, Angulo M: Genetic forms of male hypogonadism. Urology. 35:195-204, l990.
Castro-Magana M, Angulo M, and Uy J: Elevated Serum Estradiol associated with increased androstenedione-testosterone ratio in Adolescent males with Varicocele and Gynecomastia. Fertil Steril, 56:515-518, l99l
Castro-Magana M, Angulo M, and Uy J: Male hypogonadism with Gynecomastia caused by late onset deficiency of testicular 17-Ketosteroid Reductase Deficiency. N.Eng J. Med. 328:1297-1301, 1993.
Castro-Magana M, Angulo M, Canas JA, Mazur B, Sarrantonio M, Vitollo P, Palekar A, Fuentes B and Lee A: Characterization of zona glomerulosa function in pateints with classic and non-classic forms of congenital adrenal hyperplasia due to 11B-Hydroxylase Deficiency. J Ped Endocrinol Metab. 8: 19-25,1995.
Castro-Magana M, Angulo M, Fuentes B, Canas A, Sarrantonio M, Arguello R, and Vitollo P: Effect of finasteride on human testicular steroidogenesis. J. Androl 17:516-521, 1996.
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