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Podiatric Medicine and Surgery (PMSR/RRA)

Welcome Message

NYU Winthrop Podiatry Residency

The Department of Orthopaedic Surgery is pleased to introduce the Podiatric Medicine and Surgery Residency with Reconstructive Rearfoot and Ankle Certification (PMSR/RRA). This 36 month program is accredited by the Council on Podiatric Medical Education (CPME) and sponsors 6 residents (two in each year of training).

NYU Winthrop Hospital is a 591-bed tertiary care facility providing world class care throughout the Long Island and greater New York metropolitan region. As a New York State Regional Trauma Center, our residents receive a strong, diverse surgical experience along with unique hands-on patient care opportunities. NYU Winthrop is dedicated to teaching and research. In addition to sponsoring 24 residency programs, NYU Winthrop is a clinical Campus for the Stony Brook University School of Medicine.

About NYU Winthrop

NYU Winthrop Hospital is committed to excellence in graduate medical education. An Independent Academic Medical Center located on Long Island, NYU Winthrop’s 600-bed tertiary care hospital sponsors exceptional graduate medical education programs. The institution is proud of its 100+ years of clinical excellence.

In 2015, NYU Winthrop Hospital opened a new, state-of-the-art, 95,000 square-foot Research and Academic Center. The building houses a large auditorium, many conference and classrooms, a new Simulation Center, basic science laboratories, clinical research centers, and the biostatistics department. NYU Winthrop’s inpatient and outpatient facilities offer a full range of patient care experiences. Our dedicated faculty are excellent teachers and mentors.

NYU Winthrop is clearly at the forefront of medicine:

  • NYU Winthrop Hospital was named the 18th best large employer in America by Forbes Magazine in 2017
  • Magnet Recognized Hospital
  • NYU Winthrop Hospital is in the top 5% of U.S. Hospitals for Clinical Excellence as reported by healthgrades
  • Long Island’s first navigator program for cancer care
  • Nationally recognized Children’s Medical Center

Best Regional Hospital in US News and World Report

Program Curriculum

First Year

NYU Winthrop Podiatry Residency
Podiatric Medicine and Surgery 3 months
Emergency Medicine (Adult) 2 weeks
Emergency Medicine (Pediatric) 2 weeks
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 2 weeks
Internal Medicine 1 month
Infectious Disease 1 month
General Radiology 2 weeks
Anesthesiology 2 weeks
Pain Management 2 weeks
Pathology 2 weeks
Behavioral Medicine 2 weeks
Vascular Surgery 2 weeks
Endocrinology 2 weeks
Research 2 weeks
Elective 2 weeks
Elective 2 weeks

Each service is supervised by attending podiatry and medical doctors who provide education, supervision and performance assessment. The attendings make frequent inpatient rounds with the healthcare team. While rotating on other specialty services, podiatry residents attend that service’s educational conferences, supplemented by conferences held by the Division of Podiatry. Residents attend weekly outpatient podiatry clinic. Elective rotations include: Dermatology, Family Medicine, Neurology, and Rheumatology.

Second Year

NYU Winthrop Podiatry Residency
Podiatric Medicine and Surgery 7 months
Wound Care 2 months
General Orthopedic Surgery 1 month
Vascular Surgery 2 weeks
Research 2 weeks

In year two of training, the resident becomes actively involved in podiatric surgery, focusing on the performance of foot surgery and exposure to reconstructive surgery of the foot and ankle. This will facilitate the gradual development of requisite knowledge and skills. Residents continue to attend weekly outpatient podiatry clinic.

Third Year

Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Surgery 2 months
Podiatric Medicine and Surgery 5 1/2 months
Podiatric Medicine and Surgery (Illinois) 3 months
General Surgery 2 weeks
Plastic Surgery 2 weeks
Research 2 weeks

During year three of training, emphasis will be placed on foot surgery and reconstructive foot and ankle surgery, inclusive of surgical management of traumatology. By the completion of the podiatric surgical training experience, the resident will be competent in the performance of all types of foot surgery. The resident will attain competence in reconstructive foot and ankle surgery inclusive of major tarsal and ankle arthrodesis, osteotomies, fracture repair, and soft tissue repair. The resident will also participate actively in the education and training of the first and second year residents.

Resident Call

Podiatry residents take call for Emergency Room trauma and infections of the foot and ankle, and inpatient call for podiatric surgery post-operative care and consults. While on-call, the resident is responsible, with appropriate supervision, for inpatient management of podiatric medical and surgical patients, inpatient consults, and must respond to the Emergency Department requests to consult on patients present with lower extremity pathology. On-call schedule is divided amongst all residents. The podiatry resident on-call room is located on the third floor of the main hospital on NYU Winthrop 3.

Conferences and Academic Activities

NYU Winthrop Podiatry Residency
  • Podiatry Grand Rounds
  • Podiatry Journal Club
  • Podiatry Case Conference
  • Podiatry Quality Improvement Meeting
  • Podiatry Boards Review Conference
  • McGlamry Review
  • Cadaver Labs
  • Surgical Skills Lab
  • Orthopaedic Trauma Conference
  • Orthopaedic Grand Rounds
  • Orthopaedic Cadaver Lab
  • Program Director Review Conference
  • Core Competency Lecture Series
  • Annual House Staff Research Day

Podiatry Students

Clerkship Opportunities

NYU Winthrop Podiatry Residency

Students may apply for clerkship experiences through the AACPM online clerkship application service. Podiatric students rotating at NYU Winthrop will be involved in both inpatient and outpatient podiatric surgery. The student functions as an integral member of the team and is exposed to patient care on the inpatient floor, the emergency room, the outpatient setting (attending's private office) and operating rooms.


NYU Winthrop Hospital’s graduate medical education programs create an atmosphere in which cultural and ethnic differences among patients, staff, and house staff are recognized, respected, understood and embraced. Residents participate in the care of a diverse group of patients and have the opportunity to work with colleagues from varied backgrounds. NYU Winthrop aims to bring the best residents, fellows and faculty from all ethnic, racial and gender groups to learn and care for patients in this diverse environment.

Program Benefits

House Staff Benefits


Housing accommodations, at heavily subsidized rates, are available in apartment buildings and residential homes within close proximity to the NYU Winthrop Hospital campus. If a member of the house staff requests NYU Winthrop housing and it cannot be provided, a live-off allowance may be provided.


Salaries are highly competitive with other academic medical centers in the New York metropolitan region. Tax deferred annuity is available.

2018-2019 Annual Salary
PGY 1 $66,259
PGY 2 $69,123
PGY 3 $72,108
PGY 4 $75,034
PGY 5 $77,958
PGY 6 $80,883
PGY 7 $83,808
PGY 8 $86,745


Residents and fellows are provided with three complimentary meals per day, seven days per week, in NYU Winthrop’s full service cafeteria (up to $4.00 for breakfast, $5.40 for lunch and dinner).

House Staff Lounge

NYU Winthrop Hospital’s new house staff lounge is accessible 24/7. The spacious and comfortable lounge is equipped with computers, wifi, television, foosball table, lockers, lounge chairs, as well as coffee and tea.


NYU Winthrop Hospital residents and fellows receive four weeks of vacation (20 working days) within each contract year.

Conference Time

PGY 1 level residents are eligible to attend one local conference (New York Metropolitan Area), at the discretion of the Program Director.  House staff at the PGY 2 level and above are eligible for one trip, maximum of five consecutive weekdays, to an approved professional conference in the continental United States each year, at the discretion of the Program Director.

Educational Allowance

Reimbursement for allowable educational expenses is available up to a maximum of $75 for PGY 1 residents and $700 for PGY2 and higher residents and subspecialty fellows.

TransitChek Commuter Benefit Program

The TransitChek Commuter Benefit Program is available. This program allows the resident/fellow to deduct pre-tax money to pay for mass transit or commuter parking (up to a predefined maximum).

Additional Benefits Include:

  • Free parking while on duty
  • Prescription medications in the Hospital formulary…free to residents and at cost for eligible dependents
  • Paid sick leave
  • Free laundry service for lab coats and other hospital uniforms
  • Health club membership reimbursement…up to $100 per academic year
  • An “Arts and Humanities” series… complementing your medical education with exposure to music, literature, history and fine arts
  • Graduation dinner gala

Insurance Benefits

Medical and Dental Coverage

NYU Winthrop Hospital is committed to providing residents with a comprehensive benefits program. Benefits include generous medical, pharmaceutical, and dental coverage, as well as flexible spending accounts. Benefits are effective from the first day of residency/fellowship.

Disability Insurance

Residents/fellows are covered by short-term, non-occupational disability insurance (up to six months). To be eligible for disability insurance benefits, one must be on the payroll for a minimum of twenty (20) work days (four consecutive weeks) and unable to work for more than seven (7) calendar days, due an injury or illness that does not arise out of, and in the course of, employment. These benefits, which supplement lost income, are based on salary level and are payable for up to 26 weeks after the employees accrued sick time has been used.

The long term disability benefit begins after six months of short term disability. It pays a monthly benefit for an extended illness or injury. The monthly benefit is offset by benefits from other sources, such as Workers Compensation and Social Security.

Workers Compensation

House staff receive compensation, in accordance with the Workers Compensation Law, for any illness or injury which is job related. Benefits include payment for medical expenses and lost pay.

Family and Medical Leave

In accordance with the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) of 1993, NYU Winthrop Hospital will grant residents/fellows unpaid leave(s) for up to 12 weeks in a 12-month period.  To be eligible, one must have worked 12 months at the Hospital and a minimum of 1250 hours in the twelve-month period prior to the start date of the requested leave.  FMLA leave may be granted for the birth, adoption or acceptance for foster care of a child; for the care of a child, spouse, or parent with a serious health condition; or for the employee’s own serious illness.

Residents/fellows may to return to their training program after a leave of absence, without loss of training status, if their leave does not exceed that allowed by the specialty boards.

Professional Liability Insurance

NYU Winthrop’s residents/fellows are provided with professional liability coverage for the duration of their training through the Hospital’s self-insurance program.  Coverage provides legal defense and protection against awards from claims reported or filed after the completion of graduate medical education if the alleged acts are within the scope of the education program.

Life Insurance

Basic Life Insurance is provided by the hospital at no cost to the resident/fellow. This benefit equals 1 X the resident/fellow’s annual salary payable to the beneficiary. Residents/fellows may purchase additional voluntary life insurance up to 3X their annual salary (combined basic and voluntary may not exceed $500,000).

Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance

Provided by the hospital at no cost to the resident/fellow.

Retirement Plan

A Defined Contribution 403(b) Plan is available for voluntary pre-tax/after-tax contribution.       

Employee Health Services

NYU Winthrop Hospital residents and fellows are provided with pre-employment physicals, annual health assessments, and Tuberculosis screenings, as well as vaccines and required health surveillance free of charge through the hospital’s Employee Health Service. In addition, if a member of the house staff becomes ill while at work, he or she will be seen at no charge by an Employee Health practitioner, or by the Emergency Room staff if the Employee Health Service practitioner is not available.

Counseling Services

Free assessment, referral and brief psychotherapy services are available on a confidential basis to members of the House Staff and their immediate families.

Employee Assistance Program & Work/Life Assistance Program

This resource is available to residents/fellows and their family members to assist with:

  • Areas of assistance include: psychological, child care, elder care, daily living, legal/financial, and work-related
  • Confidential
  • No Cost
  • 24/7
  • Managing work/life dilemmas at a personal level
  • Overcoming emotional hurdles
  • Getting performance back on track
  • Immediate crisis response capability

Living on Long Island

The longest and largest island in the contiguous United States, Long Island stretches over 100 miles from New York City to Montauk Point. A celebrated summer vacation spot, Long Island offers seasonal beauty, professional sports events, art museums and galleries, and fabulous cuisine. Eastern Long Island has gained fame as for its vineyards, and is home to almost 20 wineries. From NYU Winthrop it is a short trip to Manhattan, where you can enjoy world class dining, museums, and endless cultural opportunities. From scenic Atlantic Ocean beaches to Fire Island, the Hamptons and Montauk Point, Long Island has something for everyone.

Convenient access to NY City is available by Long Island Railroad located directly adjacent to NYU Winthrop Hospital. Residents and fellows take advantage of the opportunity enjoy the myriad of cultural, social, and professional activities in New York City. Additionally, NYU Winthrop's location in central Nassau County allows easy access to spectacular beaches.

The village of Mineola is a wonderful place to live and work. Mineola affords one the opportunity to enjoy the relaxed Long Island lifestyle, while living only 30 minutes away (via LIRR) from the attractions of NYC.

The close vicinity of the hospital, where most of the resident housing is located, is an excellent location for both families and single residents. Aside from a LIRR station leading directly into NYC, the area is surrounded by a quiet residential neighborhood and a large park with sports facilities, open fields, and a local library. The Roosevelt field mall, one of the largest retail centers on Long Island, is located less than a mile away from the hospital along with a large conglomerate of brand name stores and services.

You can also enjoy the wonderful things that Long Island itself has to offer You will find that living in Mineola is a sound choice from the economic perspective. While residents living in large cities incur significant living expenses, Mineola is very affordable.

Useful Links

Popular Activities

Application Procedure

American Association of Colleges of Podiatric Medicine (AACPM)
The AACPM is a national educational organization that represents the nine accredited U.S. colleges of podiatric medicine as well as over 200 hospitals and organizations that conduct graduate training in podiatric medicine. Our program participates in several national service programs administered by the AACPM including:

  • Central Application Service for Podiatric Residencies (CASPR)
    The application and matching service for fourth year students applying for residency positions in teaching hospitals and surgery centers.
  • Centralized Residency Interview Program (CRIP)
    An interview process for podiatric residency. Residency program faculty and residency candidates meet in one location to interview during a six-day period each January. Our program will be participating with the East Coast Section 1.
  • Online Clerkship Application Service (
    The AACPM provides an online application service for students interested in participating in clerkships at NYU Winthrop Hospital.

Disclosure of Terms

Applicants to NYU Winthrop Hospital's GME training programs have full access to contractual terms and eligibility requirements, as well as information on specific benefits. Please contact the Office of Academic Affairs for any further information.

Sample Contract

How to Apply for Medical Students and Resident Rotations

Student Rotations

  1. U.S. Medical students
  2. International Medical students
  3. Podiatry Students

Resident and fellow Rotations

Residents and fellows can apply for a rotation with any department by contacting the academic coordinator for that program via email with a copy of your CV and the dates you are requesting for your rotation.

The department will review your CV and let you know if there are any rotation spots available for the time requested. If you are approved for the rotation the Office of Academic Affairs will contact you with the necessary paperwork.