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Sinus Surgery

Over 37 million Americans suffer from sinusitis each year. Treatment options range from allergy testing, medical regiment, to surgical intervention which are all available at Winthrop-University Hospital.

Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

Endoscopes are gently passed through the nose to visualize nasal disease and examine the openings of the sinuses. Minimally invasive techniques are utilized to improve breathing and function.

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A sinus guidewire is introduced through the sinus guide catheter and is gently advanced into the target sinus. The sinus balloon catheter is introduced over the sinus guidewire and positioned across the blocked ostium. The balloon is gradually inflated to open and remodel the narrowed or blocked ostium. The sinus balloon catheter is then deflated and removed, leaving the ostium open allowing the return of sinus drainage. There is little to no disruption to mucosal lining.

Winthrop uses Balloon SinuplastyTM devices that are FDA-cleared, catheterbased technologies specifically designed to navigate the tortuous sinus anatomy. The Balloon system is used to open the blocked sinus ostium, and in many cases, without tissue or bone removal. The blocked sinus ostium is gently dilated restoring normal sinus drainage and function.

Skull base and Endoscopic Pituitary Surgery

The otolaryngology department works closely with the neurosurgeon to carefully remove tumors of the skull base and the transnasal approach for pituitary surgery.
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