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Head and neck

Tumors and masses are treated at Winthrop-University Hospital with a multidisciplinary approach in order to personalize care and treatment.

Thyroidectomy and Parathyroidectomy

The removal of part or all of the thyroid gland is performed at Winthrop-University Hospital in conjunction with careful monitoring of the facial nerve during all procedures performed by your ENT doctor. Parathyroidectomies are also common place and patients are also monitored via the nerve monitor throughout the procedure to insure the safest method of care.

Parotid Surgery

The removal of the parotid gland is performed also utilizing noninvasive specialized nerve monitoring throughout the entire procedure.

Neck Dissection

The removal of lymph nodes and surrounding tissue from the neck for the purpose of cancer treatment is performed resulting in optimal clinical outcomes.

Voice Disorders

Functional and organic voice disorders can be treated via minimally invasive techniques or intricate surgical intervention. State of the art products are always available to compliment each physician and patient needs.

Endoscopic Zenker's Diverticulum

The out pouching of the gastrointestinal tract compromises swallowing in the elderly population can be repaired endoscopically to provide comfort and reduction of pain for the patient.

Robotic assisted Head and Neck Surgery

Head and neck surgery can now be performed by the assistance of the da Vinci Robot when surgeons feel this minimally invasive approach is beneficial to the patient. This offers increased surgical precision, superior vision, dexterity, and improved access with minimal scarring.
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