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Educational Programs

FAMILY CENTERED CARE - designed to help the entire family adjust to a whole new life when a new baby arrives - is the philosophy underlying the care provided by the Division of Maternal/Child Care in the Department of Nursing at Winthrop.

Parenting can be both exciting and challenging. Since new mothers are in the hospital for only a short time, and there is so much to learn about parenting, it is beneficial to attend antepartum baby care and breastfeeding classes, and read relevant material before your baby is born. 

After your baby is born (postpartum), the staff incorporates education into your care while you are an inpatient. To enhance your parenting skills, several classes, including "Baby Care" and "Breastfeeding", are offered on the Maternity Unit. Educational videotapes are available for viewing in your room, and written information will be provided to you before discharge. Additionally, the Hospital's closed circuit TV network (WPHN) offers a Parenting/ Newborn Channel that airs educational tapes in English and Spanish free-of-charge.

Focusing on the unique needs and wants of each family, these educational programs will help ease your transition into parenthood and make you feel more comfortable and confident with your newborn.


  • BABY CARE - Individualized instruction provided by the nursing staff on the patient care unit.  

  • BREASTFEEDING - Individualized instruction provided by the nursing staff and Certified Lactation Consultant on the patient care unit.  

  • LAMAZE INSTRUCTION - Individualized instruction offered by a Certified Childbirth Educator to high-risk antepartum inpatients, who cannot attend classes off the unit.  

  • BABY CARE & THE PRETERM INFANT - Baby care instruction provided in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Newborn medicine experts discuss the specialized needs of the preterm baby and general baby care, including bathing, dressing, feeding and safety.  

  • INDIVIDUALIZED CPR - Instruction offered to families with high-risk infants in the NICU and children being discharged from the Pediatric Unit. This class provides parents with demonstrations and opportunity for discussion.  

  • NEWBORN CHANNEL - Offered free-of-charge on the antepartum, postpartum, and NICU units, as well as in the New Life Center, the channel provides 24-hour programming in English and Spanish on topics of interest to new parents, including breastfeeding, bottle feeding, parenting, postpartum, child safety and sibling rivalry.


  • CHILDBIRTH PREPARATION CLASSES - (Three, 2-hour classes held weekly)
    Childbirth preparation gives couples the opportunity to learn about the birthing experience and teaches pregnant women how to work effectively with their bodies through a combination of exercise, relaxation, breathing techniques, focal points and imagery. Mastery of these skills may decrease pain, fatigue and anxiety, improve muscle tone and increase self-confidence for people having their first childbirth experience.  

  • ONE REFRESHER CLASS - (One, 2-hour class)
    This class is offered as a review course for those whose last delivery was less than 2-1/2 years ago.  

  • SIBLING CLASS - (One 1-hour class)
    This class is offered to children ages 2-1/2 - 6. One parent (or an adult family member or friend) must accompany the child/children. Children are provided with the opportunity to speak about their feelings about becoming a Big Brother or Sister. They take a brief tour of the Maternity Unit so they know where their mother will be, and also see a newborn in the Nursery. Additionally, they are given a snack and receive a certificate that designates them as a "Big Brother" or "Big Sister". The class facilitates positive self-esteem and gives the children practical ways to help out at home with their new baby.  

  • BREASTFEEDING CLASS - (One 2-hour class)
    Breastfeeding provides the newborn with the best nutrition, protects the baby from infection, assists the mother with weight reduction and enhances bonding between mother and baby. Although natural, breastfeeding is a learned process. This class discusses the advantages of breastmilk and provides practical information and strategies for successful breastfeeding. Positioning, latch-on, how to tell if the infant received enough to eat and maternal nutrition are discussed.  

  • BABY CARE CLASS - (One 2-hour class)
    This class provides expectant parents with instruction and discussion on infant bathing, dressing, feeding and safety. Attending before delivery eases the transition into parenthood by making new parents feel more comfortable and confident with their newborn.  

    (One 1-1/2 hour class)
    This program acquaints expectant parents with FAMILY CENTERED CARE and the Hospital facilities. A slide presentation and question and answer session provide necessary information about the admission process, labor and delivery, the Maternity (mother/baby) Unit, visiting hours, parenting classes and discharge.

For more information call:
Women's Health Services
at Winthrop-University Hospital
Department of Parent Education


  • INFANT TOT SAVER COURSE - (Two, 3-hour classes)
    Instructors certified by the American Heart Association teach this course. Through lectures and demonstrations, parents/family members are taught to perform artificial respiration, CPR and assist in helping a choking child. The course covers childproofing your home and reviews child/infant safety. Participants receive a course completion card at the conclusion of the course.

For more information about the Infant Tot Saver Course,
Call the Community Training Center

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