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Technology and Diabetes

Advances in the management of diabetes with the use of technological devices continues to grow at a rapid pace.

Insulin pumps or Subcutaneous Insulin Infusions (CSII) are FDA- approved devices that infuse insulin as an alternative to multiple daily injections. They are used in conjunction with blood glucose monitoring and carbohydrate counting allowing for more intense management and blood glucose control.

Continuous Glucose Monitoring Systems are FDA-approved devices that record glucose levels throughout the day and night for up to 3-7 days.

A tiny sensor is inserted under your skin. The sensor measures the level of glucose in the tissue and sends the information to a recorder. The system automatically records an average glucose every five minutes for the time that it is worn.

At completion, the sensor is removed and the information stored in the monitor is downloaded into the computer at the Diabetes Education Center. You and the diabetes nurse educator review the glucose levels presented as graphs or charts along with your log of meals, blood glucose readings and exercise.

The data from Continuous Glucose Monitoring Systems help with insulin adjustment when using an insulin pump, injections or medications and gives you feedback that you could never capture by checking your blood glucose with a meter.

Certified Diabetes Nurses and Dietitians are available for related trainings and education.

Please call the Diabetes Education Center at (516) 663-2350 for more information.
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