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CyberKnife® Advantages

CyberKnife© Robotic Radiosurgery treatment at NYU Winthrop Hospital’s internationally recognized CyberKnife© Center on Long Island, NY provides patients with many breakthrough advantages not offered by other tumor treatments:

Treats tumors that are inoperable by conventional surgery

With remarkable flexibility, the CyberKnife robotic arm delivers radiation to benign and malignant tumors anywhere in the body, including the brain, head and neck, spine, lung, prostate, liver, pancreas, breast and other soft tissues. CyberKnife can treat multiple locations in a single treatment session.

Convenient treatments

While other radiation systems may require dozens of treatments over several weeks, you will likely need only one to five CyberKnife treatments, each with minimal or no side effects. CyberKnife Outpatient Treatment Process

Highly individualized treatment

CyberKnife’s light-weight radiation source (linear accelerator) is mounted on a flexible multi-jointed robotic arm. The arm moves constantly, providing unprecedented access to body areas unreachable by conventional radiosurgery systems. The CyberKnife clinician chooses from thousands of different angles to create a precise, customized treatment. A typical CyberKnife treatment uses 150 to 200 beams, each coming from a unique angle (known as “stereotactic radiosurgery”).

No invasive head or body frame

From the start, CyberKnife was designed to adjust to patients’ movements during treatment, such as breathing and the normal movement of internal organs. CyberKnife moves with the patient and maintains precise laser-like delivery of the radiation dosage the tumor, all while the patient remains comfortable and relaxed wearing a soft face mask (for head and neck tumors) or a body mold for other tumor types.

Cyber Knife’s pinpoint accuracy and protection of healthy tissue make it a safe choice for patients whose tumors have received the maximum allowed radiation. CyberKnife delivers sub-millimeter accuracy with a concentrated high dosage of targeted radiation with unparalleled precision.

Painless, bloodless and noninvasive

Despite its name, the CyberKnife procedure doesn’t involve a scalpel or making an incision. On the contrary, it involves the most advanced robotic radiosurgery technology in existence to treat cancerous and noncancerous tumors anywhere in the body.

Accurate delivery of high-dose radiation

The CyberKnife Robotic Radiosurgery System utilizes sophisticated software and advanced real-time imaging to track tumor and patient movement. This unique ability means that the Cybermed radiation beams are guided by the actual, real-time movement of the tumor and ensure treatment is delivered to the tumor with exceptional accuracy.

Healthy tissue unharmed

CyberKnife’s unprecedented accuracy leaves healthy tissue unharmed while delivering an efficient high-radiation dose exclusively to the tumor.

Exceptional Patient Safety

CyberKnife operates on a fully integrated closed-loop system which ensures the safest possible patient experience.