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Warren Rosenfeld, MD

Winthrop Titles/Positions

Chairman, Pediatrics

Academic Faculty Appointments

Professor of Pediatrics, SUNY/ Stony Brook School of Medicine


Winthrop University Hospital, 259 First St., Mineola, NY 11501






Brief Resume

Dr. Rosenfeld received his BS from Trinity College (Conn) and his MD from New York Medical College. He completed his pediatric residency at Montefiore Hospital in Bronx, NY and his Neonatal-Perinatal Fellowship at Mt. Sinai, NY. He was an attending neonatologist at the Kansas University Medical Center and then Director of Neonatology at the Jewish Hospital and Medical Center of Brooklyn. Since 1987 he has been the Chairman of Pediatrics at Winthrop-University Hospital. Dr. Rosenfeld is a member of Sigma Xi, Society for Pediatric Research, and the American Pediatric Society and has served as a member of the national Fetus and Newborn Committee of the American Academy of Pediatrics..
During his tenure at Winthrop Dr. Rosenfeld obtained three successive 3 year Residency Training Grants from the Public Health Service ($1,518,000) and several New York State Department of Health Primary Care Training Grants ($2,130,000). Dr. Rosenfeld has been interested in medical education and training and measuring outcomes in this area.
Dr. Rosenfeld was the Co-PI on 2 grants studying the effectiveness of antioxidant therapy in premature neonates to prevent Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia and Retinopathy of Premarity ($1,780,00).

Description of Research Interests/Activities

Oxidant injury in premature neonates including Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia, Retinopathy Of Prematurity, Necrotizing Enterocolitis , and Intra Ventricular Hemorrhage. Mechanisms of injury and use of antioxidants for prevention.
Use of NIRS to measure blood flow changes in the neonatal brain.
Prevention of Kernicterus in the newborn.
Best practices for Pediatric resident training.

Areas of Experience

Brain blood flow in premature neonates
Jaundice in neonates
medical (resident and student) education.

Research Team Members

Nazeeh Hanna, MD: Director of the Woman and Children's Research Laboratory
Ann Mock,RN
Morgan Pelitier, PhD

Clinical Practice and Interests

The Department of Pediatrics at Winthrop-University Hospital has strong research interests and capabilities. Research is and can be conducted in all areas; inpatient and outpatient, general pediatrics and over 12 subspecialty services. The department and the hospital are supported by a Clinical Trials Center, Outcomes Research and its dedicated basic science laboratory (Woman and Children's Research Laboratory). As a Children's Hospital and major research and teaching center, many of our patients come to Winthrop to avail themselves of the latest advances available.

Selected Publications

Davis JM, Rosenfeld WN, Sanders RH, Gonenne, A: The prophylactic effects of human recombinant superoxide dismutase in neonatal lung injury. J. Appl Physiol, 74:2234-2241, 1993.

Davis JM, Rosenfeld WN, Koo HC, Gonenne A: Pharmacologic interactions of exogenous lung surfactant and recombinant human Cu/Zn superoxide dismutase. Pediatr Res 35:37-40, 1994. Davis JM, Rosenfeld WN, Richter SE, et al. Safety and pharmacokinetics of multiple doses of human CuZN superoxide dismutase administered intratracheally to premature infants with respiratory distress syndrome. Pediatrics. 100:24-30,1994

Jhaveri RC, Rosenfeld WN, Concepecion, L, Moyhuddin, M, LaQuiPilli, C: Occurrence of
Central Nervous System Malformation in Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Neonatal Intensive
Care 39-44, 1997

Davis JM, Rosenfeld WN, Richter SE, et al. Safety and pharmacokinetics of multiple doses of human CuZn superoxide dismutase administered intratracheally to premature infants with respiratory distress syndrome. Pediatircs 100:24-30, 1997.

Rosenfeld WN, Davis JM. Prevention of oxygen radical disease in the newborn. Seminars in
neonatololgy.; 3:239-2441998

Stankovic MR, Hueber D, Maulik D, Stubblefield PG, Rosenfeld W, Gratton E, Franceschini MA
Fantini S. Time optical imaging and spectroscopy of brain ischemia and hemorrhage, BIOS’99
Proc. 1999 (Original procedding paper/in press).

Stankovic MR, Maulik D, Rosenfeld W, Stubblefield PG, Scott W, Drexler S, Nair R, Franceschini MA, Hueber D, Gratton E, Fantini S. Real-time optical imaging of experimental brain ischemia and hemorrhage in neonatal piglets. J Perinat Med. 1999; 27: 278-86.

Fantini S, Hueber D, Franceschini MA, Gratton E, Rosenfeld W, Stubblefield PG, Maulik D, Stankovic MR. Non-invasive optical monitoring of the newborn piglet brain using continuous wave and frequently domain spectroscopy. Phys Med. Biol. (44) 1543-1563 1999

Hueber D, Rosenfeld W, Maulik D, Stubblefield P, Stankovic M. Non-invasive optical mapping of the piglet brain in real time. Optics Express 4 (8) 308-314, 1999.65 Davis J, Richter S, Biswas S, Rosenfeld W, Parton L, Gewold I, Parad R, Carlo W, Couser R,
Baumgart S, Atluru V, Salerno L, Kassem M: Long term follow-up of premature infants treated
with prophylactic, intratracheal recombinant human CuZn superoxide dismutase. Journal of
Perinatology; 4:213-216. 2000

Stankovic MR, Maulik D, Rosenfeld W, Stubblefield PG, Kofians DA, Gratton E,
Francceschini MA, Fantini S, Huber, DM. Role of frequency domain optical
Spectroscopy in the detection of neonatal brain hemorrhage-a newborn piglet study.
J Matern Fetal medMar-Apr; 9(2):142-9: 2000

Zhang G, Katz G Alfano RR, Kofinast AD, Kafinast DA, Stubblefield PG, Rosenfeld W,
Beyer D, Maulik D, Stankovic MR. Brain perfusion monitoring with frequency-domain and
continuous-wave near-infrared spectroscopy; a cross-correlation study in newborn piglets.
Phys. Med. Biol (45) 3143-3158: 2000

Davis JM, Parad RB, Michelle T, Alfred E, Price A, Rosenfeld W; North American Recombinant Human CuZnSOD Study Group. Pulmonary outcome at one year corrected age in premature infants treated with recombinant human CuZn superoxide dismutase. Pediatrics (111) 680: 2003
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