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Rose Saint Fleur-Calixte, PhD

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222 Station Plaza North, Suite 301, Mineola, NY 11501






Brief Resume

Dr. Calixte provides statistical consultation and performs data analysis, including power and sample size calculations in collaborations with Winthrop faculty and researchers. Dr. Calixte previously worked as a statistician and data manager in the Pediatrics Department at Stony Brook University Medical. While working at Stony Brook, she has developed an interest in identifying factors influencing child’s health outcome. She has collaborated with health outcome researchers from Stony Brook Children’s Hospital, the Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania, and the Children’s National Medical Center. Prior to working at Stony Brook, Dr. Calixte received her postdoctoral training in Biostatistics from the School of Public Health at Yale University. Dr. Calixte is a graduate of the Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics at Stony Brook University. She is fluent in French and Creole.

Description of Research Interests/Activities

Dr. Calixte main interest is in Pediatrics health outcomes. Previously, she was involved in different projects dealing with child's health and how psychosocial risk factors influenced good oucomes. she is also interested in longitudinal data analysis. One of her focus is to develop new methods for the analysis of longitudinal data with a direct application to pediatrics research and women's health. she is currently collaborating with multiple faculty investigators at Winthrop University Hospital particularly in Pediatrics and Ob/Gyn.

Areas of Experience

Women’s Health
Pediatrics Health Outcomes


Selected Publications

1. Pati, Susmita, Elizabeth Siewert, Angie T. Wong, Suraj K. Bhatt, Rose E. Calixte, Avital Cnaan. 2013. The Influence of Maternal Health Literacy and Child’s Age on Participation in Social Welfare Programs. Maternal and child health journal (in press).

2. Susmita Pati, Angie T. Wong, Ashley Zeigler, Rose E. Calixte, Justin Ludwig, Wei Wang, Russell Localio, Jeanhee H. Moon, Jeffrey H. Silber. 2013. Medicaid and CHIP Retention among Children in Nine States. Pediatrics Academic Society. E-PAS2013:1160.5

3. Janice T. John, Kristi L. Ladowski, Rose M.E. Calixte, Amy Braksmajer, Susmita Pati. 2013. Predictors and Trends of Well Child Care Adherence in a Cohort of Suburban Children Ages 0-3 Years . Pediatrics Academic Society. E-PAS2013:2928.595

4. Susmita Pati, Angie T. Wong, Ashley Zeigler, Rose E. Calixte, Justin Ludwig, Wei Wang, Russell Localio, Jeanhee H. Moon, Jeffrey H. Silber. 2013. Disparities in Continuity of Public Health Insurance Coverage among Vulnerable Children. Pediatrics Academic Society. E-PAS2013:2928.607

5. Rosa Cataldo, Rose Calixte, Amy Braksmajer, Susmita Pati. 2013. The Effects of a High BMI on Development in Toddlers. Pediatrics Academic Society. E-PAS2013:3807.127

6. Yuan Jiang, Jennifer S. Brennan, Rose Calixte, Yunxiao He, Epiphanie Nyirabahizi, Heping Zhang. 2011. A Novel Tree-Based Method to Generate Markers from Rare Variant Data. BMC Proceedings, 5(Suppl 9):S102

7. Jennifer S. Brennan, Yunxiao He, Rose Calixte, Epiphanie Nyirabahizi, Yuan Jiang, Heping Zhang. 2011. A Lasso-based Approach to Analyzing Rare Variants in Genetic Association Studies. BMC Proceedings, 5(Suppl

8. Chengrui Huang, Ke Li, Rose Saint Fleur, Su-Wei Chang, Seung Hoan Choi, Tong Shen, So Youn Shin, Stephen J. Finch, Nancy R. Mendell. 2009. Family Based Analysis of a Myocardial Infarction Endophenotype: Comparison of sampling designs. BMC Proceedings, 3(suppl 7):120

9. Su-Wei Chang, Seung Hoan Choi, Ke Li, Rose Saint Fleur, Chengrui Huang, Tong Shen, Kwangmi Ahn, Derek Gordon, Wonkuk Kim, Rongling Wu, Nancy R. Mendell, Stephen J. Finch. Growth Mixture Modeling as an Exploratory Analysis Tool in Longitudinal QTL Analysis. BMC Proceedings, 3(Suppl 7):S112

10. Kwangmi Ahn, Chad Haynes, Wonkuk Kim, Rose St Fleur, Derek Gordon, and Stephen J. Finch. 2007. The Effects of SNP Genotyping Errors on the Power and the Cochran-Armitage Linear Trend Test for Case/Control Association Studies. Annals of Human Genetics, 71(2):249-261
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