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Patricia A. Patrick, Dr.P.H.

Winthrop Titles/Positions

Epidemiologist, Assistant Scientist Winthrop University Hospital Research Institute

Academic Faculty Appointments

Lecturer, School of Health Sciences and Practice, New York Medical College


Office of Health Outcomes Research, 222 Station Plaza North, Suite 300, Mineola, NY 11501




Brief Resume

Dr. Patrick studied epidemiology at New York Medical College, earning an M.P.H. in 2003 and a Dr.P.H. in 2010. She taught introductory epidemiology in the College's master's program in 2006 and 2007. From 1999 to 2007 she worked as a research associate in the College's Primary Care Research Unit. During that time she collaborated in numerous clinical studies and participated in a 6-year research infrastructure development project sponsored by the Health Resources and Services Administration. The goals of the project were to strengthen research among clinicians in the disciplines of general internal medicine, general pediatrics, and family medicine. Dr. Patrick currently serves as an epidemiologist in the Office of Health Outcomes Research at Winthrop. She is responsible for assisting clinical investigators from all disciplines with the design, implementation, and reporting of research and program evaluation projects. She also gives periodic lectures on observational research study designs.

Description of Research Interests/Activities

Since 2004 Dr. Patrick has served as the Data Manager for the New York Shaken Baby Prevention Program. The Program, funded by a grant from the New York State Office of Children and Family Services, initially implemented and evaluated a multicenter shaken baby prevention initiative involving the 20 hospitals in the lower Hudson Valley region of the State. It subsequently expanded to include all hospitals with maternity services throughout the State. Dr. Patrick is responsible for data management for the Hudson Valley, New York City and Long Island regions.
Dr. Patrick has also collaborated in research involving childhood obesity, autism, HIV/AIDS, and medical education. Most recently, she and colleagues at Winthrop have compared maternal and neonatal outcomes before and after the discontinuation of magnesium sulfate tocolysis for threatened preterm labor, and they have examined physicians' compliance with heparin dosing guidelines in obese patients with venous thromboembolism. Dr. Patrick is currently conducting epidemiologic research involving microvascular complications in adults with diabetes.

Areas of Experience

Health Outcomes

Research Team Members

See Office of Health Outcomes Research for a list of staff members.


Selected Publications

Shani D, Brand DA, Patrick PA. Unrecognized thyroid dysfunction in patients with cancer. Supportive Care in Cancer 2003;11:63-65.
Etelson D, Brand DA, Patrick PA, Shirali A. Childhood obesity: do parents recognize this health risk? Obesity Research 2003;11:1362-8.
Brand DA, Viola D, Rampersaud P, Patrick PA, Rosenthal WS, Wolf DC. Waiting for a liver—hidden costs of the organ shortage. Liver Transplantation 2004;10:1001-10.
Chang LL, Grayson MS, Patrick PA, Sivak SL. Incorporating the fourth year of medical school into an internal medicine residency: effect of an accelerated program on performance outcomes and career choice. Teaching and Learning in Medicine, 2004;16:361-4.
Brechtl JR, Patrick PA, Visintainer P, Brand DA. Predictors of death within six months in patients with advanced AIDS. Palliative & Supportive Care 2005;3(4):265-272.
Ashe D, Patrick PA, Stempel MM, Shi Q, Brand DA. Educational posters to reduce antibiotic use. Journal of Pediatric Health Care 2006;20(3):192-7.
Harrington JW, Rosen L, Garnecho A, Patrick PA. Parental perceptions and use of CAM practices for children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders in private practice. Journal of Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics 2006;27(2 Suppl):S156-61.
Harrington JW, Patrick PA, Edwards KS, Brand DA. Parental beliefs about autism: Implications for the treating physician. Autism 2006;10(5):452-62.
Brand, DA, Patrick PA, Grayson MS. Mid-career research training for the generalist physician: case study of a balancing act. Teaching and Learning in Medicine 2008;20(2):180-185.
Patrick PA, Jibilian A, Herasme O, Valencia J, Hernandez EC, Jurado S, Aguais J. The efficacy of a U.S.-based medicine recycling program delivering antiretroviral agents worldwide. J Int Assoc Physicians AIDS Care (Chic Ill) 2009;8(1):25-9.
Sriraman NK, Patrick PA, Hutton K, Edwards KS. Children’s Drinking Water: Parental Preferences and Implications for Fluoride Exposure. Pediatric Dentistry 2009; 31(4):310-5.
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