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John Maesaka, MD

Winthrop Titles/Positions

Chief Emeritus, Division of Nephrology and Hypertension

Academic Faculty Appointments

Professor of Medicine


200 Old Country Road, Suite 135, Mineola, NY 11501






Brief Resume

Current interest is in contributing to a better understanding of hyponatremia, focusing mainly on renal salt wasting, SIADH and reset osmostat resulting in a paradigm shift in classification of hyponatremia.

Description of Research Interests/Activities

Our research has led us to make contributions in the literature that described renal salt wasting without cerebral disease leading to an invited review to propose changing the name of the syndrome from cerebral to renal salt wasting and now reset osmostat that will eliminate reset osmostat as a subtype of SIADH, another paradigm shift based on our research.

Research Team Members

Louis Imbriano, MD, collaborator and first author on latest paper on reset osmostat

Clinical Practice and Interests

Interest is mainly in hyponatremia and hope to continue attempting to isolate a natriuretic factor that we demonstrated in patients with renal salt wasting-Potential for patent submission.

Selected Publications

Maesaka JK, Batuman V, Yudd M, Salem M, Sved AF, Venkatesan J: Hyponatremia and hypouricemia:
Differentiation from the syndrome of inappropriate secretion of antidiuretic hormone. Clin Nephrol 33:174-178,

Maesaka JK, Cusano AJ, Thies HL, Siegal FP, Dreisbach AW: Hypouricemia in acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. Am. J. Kidney Dis. 15:252-257, 1990.

Maesaka JK, Venkatesan J, Piccione JM, Decker R, Dreisbach AW, Thies HL, Wehterington JD: Abnormal renal urate transport in patients with intracranial disease. Am. J. Kidney Dis 19:10-15, 1992.

Maesaka JK, Venkatesan J, Piccione JM, Decker AW, Dreisbach A, and Wetherington JD: Plasma natriuretic factor(s) inpatients with intracranial disease, renal salt wasting and hyperuricosuria. Life Sci 52:1875-
1882, 1993.

Maesaka JK, Wolf-Klein GP, Piccione JM, Ma C: Hypouricemia abnormal renal tubular urate transport and plasma natriuretic factors in patients with Alzheimer’s disease. J. Am. Geriatric Soc. 41:501-506, 1993.

Maesaka JK: An expanded view of SIADH, hyponatremia, and hypouricemia. Editorial. Clin. Neph. 46: 79-83, 1996. (Invited pub)

Maesaka JK, Fishbane S: The regulation of renal urate excretion. A critical Review. In Depth Review. Am. J. Kid. Dis. 32:917-933, 1998. (Invited)

Maesaka JK, Palaia T, Chowdhury S, Shimamura T, Fishbane S, Reichman W, Coyne A, O’Rear JJ, El-Sabban M: Partial characterization of plasma apoptotic factor in Alzheimer’s disease. Am. J. Phys. 1999,
April: 276 (4P2) F251-7.

Maesaka JK, Gupta S, Fishbane S: Cerebral Salt wasting syndrome: Does it exist? Nephron. 1999 June; 82(2): 100-9 (Invited)

Maesaka JK, Palaia T, Fishbane S, Ragolia L: Contribution of prostaglandin D2 synthase to progression of renal failure and dialysis dementia Sem. Nephrol 2002;22:407-414 (Invited)

Maesaka JK, Miyawaki N, Palaia T, Fishbane S, Durham J. Renal salt wasting without cerebral disease: value of determining urate in hyponatremia. Kidney Int. 2007 71:822-26

Bitew S, Imbriano L, Miyawaki N, Fishbane S, Maesaka JK. More on renal salt wasting without cerebral disease, response to saline infusion. Clin J Amer Soc Neph 2009 4:309-315.

Ali N, Imbriano L, Miyawaki N, Maesaka JK. 66-year-old male with Hyponatremia. (Kidney Int. 2009 76:233-234)

Maesaka JK, Imbriano L, Ali N, Ilamathi E. Mini Review. Is it cerebral or renal salt wasting? Kidney Int. 2009 76:934-8 (Invited Mini-review)

Imbriano LJ, Ilamathi E, Ali NM, Miyawaki N, Maesaka, JK. Value of determining fractional urate excretion in reset osmostat (Under revision and likely acceptance, CJASN)


Our current research is being funded by Otsuka Pharmaceuticals. We expect to change the textbook description of renal salt wasting by changing the name of the symdrome and to eliminate reset osmostat as a subtype of SIADH, both based on our work and the latter at the suggestion of reviewers of our recently submitted manuscript. We hope to isolate the natriuretic factor that induces renal salt wasting that could lead to a biomarker of that disease. The factor will also be a potent diuretic that will potentiate the action of loop diuretics that will lead to successful treatment of edematous states such as heart failure. The funded research is in collaboration with St. Lukes Hospital in NYC where our volume studies will provide the most important studies that will hopefully give us a better idea of the relative prevalences of SIADH and renal salt wasting. These studies will hopefully help to resolve the diagnostic and therapeutic dilemma that exists today.
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