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The Role of stress in Obese, Nondiabetic, Caucasian subjects


Accumulating evidence indicates that obesity increases the risk of kidney disease, such as albuminuria, independently of diabetes and hypertension. Winthrop University Hospital Department of Endocrinology and Metabolism is conducting this study to investigate the link between Obesity and Kidney Disease. Our aim is to establish a relationship between Adiponectin, LPGDS, and Albuminuria with Obesity.


Paticipants should be obese, nondiabetic, caucasian, and with minimal comorbidities Eligible participants will receive study-related medical examinations and laboratory tests at no cost, while they are participating in this clinical research study. Compensation may be provided for time and travel.


Inclusion = Obesity (BMI 30 or greater), Non-Diabetic (HgbA1c 4-6%), Blood Pressure 130/80 or lower regardless of antihypertensive medication use. Exclusion = Rheumatologic disease, active infection, history of cancer, active cardiovascular disease, chronic kidney disease, Albumin:Creatine >30, cholesterol lowering medications, OCPs, metformin, TZDs, ACEI, ARBs, active smoker, severe anemia (Hgb <10), recent weight loss (more than 5% body weight in 1 month)

Principal Investigator

Dr. Lawrence Shapiro


Endocrinology and Metabolism


Other Contact

Dr. Michael Favorito ( or pager x9801)
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