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Breast Health

At the Forefront of Breast Health and Preventative Care

Winthrop’s Breast Health Center provides unparalleled, comprehensive breast care.

In one convenient location, patients receive screening, fully digital diagnostic imaging and mammography, breast cancer diagnosis, follow-up, and a thorough assessment of breast cancer risks. Our sophisticated diagnostic services are coupled with the broad spectrum of advanced treatment options, including surgery, radiation oncology, chemotherapy, and advanced clinical trials. We are at the forefront of breast health, preventative care and treatment.

Our Center’s experienced and highly skilled multidisciplinary team of Board Certified specialists includes:

  • physicians
  • pathologists
  • radiologists
  • medical oncologists
  • radiation oncologists
  • world-class breast surgeons and plastic surgeons

Team collaboration is key to the way we offer risk assessment, diagnosis, evaluation and management of a wide range of malignant and benign breast conditions. A Breast Cancer Nurse Navigator helps patients and families move seamlessly through the often-complex diagnostic and treatment processes.

Why Choose Our Breast Health Center?

  • A world class team of specialists
    • Board Certified radiologists
    • ARRT Certified, New York State Licensed mammography technologists
    • ARDMS Certified ultrasound technologists
    • registered nurses
    • and compassionate, seasoned clerical staff trained to understand and meet patients’ needs.
  • The information you need. Fast.
    The imaging specialists at our Breast Health Center often provide diagnostic results while you wait. Referring physicians are kept current about their patients’ conditions with timely reports.
  • The most advanced screening and digital diagnostic technology 
    Visit our Breast Imaging and Diagnostic Center for information on cutting edge digital mammography, screening and diagnostic services available to you.
  • Minimally invasive biopsy techniques
    • Stereotactic, MRI-guided and ultrasound-guided core biopsies
    • Fine needle aspirations
    • Galactography
  • Comfort and amenities  
    A relaxing waiting room and private changing areas are designed to reduce anxiety, promote comfort and nurture your well-being.  Free on-site parking is available.
  • Counseling and Support 
    At Winthrop’s Breast Health Center, patients have access to comprehensive support services overseen by a licensed breast cancer social worker, who provides counseling and assistance to breast cancer patients and their families. Since evaluating treatment options can be overwhelming, a Breast Cancer Nurse Navigator is available to guide each patient through the process.  Services include:
    • Treatment-option counseling
    • Psychological counseling and emotional support for individuals and families
    • Genetic counseling, including breast cancer risk assessment based upon family history, as well as cancer prevention strategies
    • Contact with breast cancer survivor volunteers, who share insights and experience with recently diagnosed patients
    • Rapid response to referring physicians

Please call (516) 663-3887 to speak with a Breast Cancer Nurse Navigator, or (516) 663-2556 to talk to a Breast Health Center Social Worker.

Conditions Treated at the Breast Health Center

  • Ductal Carcinoma In-Situ (DCIS)
  • Infiltrating Ductal Carcinoma (IDC)
  • Infiltrating Lobular Carcinoma (ILC)
  • Inflammatory Breast Cancer (IBC)
  • Medullary Carcinoma
  • Mucinous Carcinoma (Colloid)
  • Tubular Carcinoma

Advanced Treatment Options

  • Conservative surgical techniques, including incisional or excisional biopsies, lumpectomy, sentinel lymph node biopsy and axillary dissection
  • Modified radical mastectomy
  • Reconstructive surgery, including the latest DIEP Flap microvascular procedures and oncoplastics
  • Chemotherapy for early and advanced breast cancer
  • Endocrine/hormonal therapy for early and advanced breast cancer
  • External beam radiotherapy and intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT)
  • Electron beam radiotherapy with or without hyperthermia for recurrent and metastatic breast cancer
  • Brachytherapy — interstitial implants of radioactive seeds (Mammosite)
  • Combination therapies
  • Treatment of metastatic disease
  • Cyberknife™ treatment following lumpectomy
  • Clinical trials for early and advanced breast cancer