Vol. 9, No. 2
August, 1999

  • Winthrop Opens Filmless Diagnostic Imaging Center

  • Winthrop Complies with Mammogram Quality Standards Act

  • New Device Revolutionizes Treatment of Cardiac Arrhythmias

  • Long Island's First Electric Mechanical Heart Recipient

  • Women's Resource Center Helps Women Navigate the Healthcare Maze

  • American Cancer Society Recognition

  • New Logo Heralds New Era at Winthrop

  • People with Diabetes Learn to Master Buffets

  • Four New Winthrop Board Members Strengthen Leadership

  • Winthrop's Junior Volunteer Program Awards Scholarships to Deserving Students

  • Students Stock the Shelves of the Child Life Program

  • Pharmacy Robot: A First on Long Island

  • A Warning from the Long Island Poison Control Center at Winthrop

  • Asthma and Allergy Family Fair Presented by the Winthrop Asthma Center

  • More than 500 Celebrate Life at Winthrop's Cancer Survivors' Day

  • 75th Annual Meeting of Winthrop's Auxiliary

  • Golfers Show They're "Fore" Winthrop at 1999 Golf Tournament

  • For Long Island Children who don't have Health Insurance

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  • Whe Department of Radiology at Winthrop is growing fast - in volume and services! Moreover, Winthrop is keeping pace with the latest technology - filmless radiology.

    Recognizing that community healthcare needs dictate the rate of expansion, Winthrop has built a completely new, comprehensive diagnostic radiology facility at 120 Mineola Boulevard, Mineola, "equipped with top of the line instrumentation," says Gerald Irwin, MD, Chairman of Radiology. Through fiberoptic cable and the digitization of images, radiologic studies are transmitted to computer monitors on the second floor of the Hospital, where Winthrop's Radiology Department is located, and to the Hospital's medical offices at 222 Station Plaza North, Mineola.

    "Digitized X-rays are the first level of the basic building blocks of the Patient Archive Communication System, or PACS, which enable us to send X-ray images to the computer monitors on Winthrop's patient floors," Dr. Irwin explains. "Winthrop now has the ability to enter the national trend toward filmless radiology."

    Winthrop's new radiology satellite office adds 9,000 square feet to the existing Radiology Department in the main Hospital. The new area is furnished with state-of-the-art, filmless radiography equipment, based on the digitization of all X-rays and the archiving of patients' records without film.

    Winthrop Complies with Mammogram Quality Standards Act
    Steven Permutter, MD, Faculty Attending/ Mammographer and Director of Winthrop's Mammography service, was instrumental in facilitating Winthrop's timely compliance with the recently enacted Mammogram Quality Standards Act (MQSA), a federal law, effective April 28, 1999, requiring that each mammography patient receive an official written report, in easy to understand language, communicating the outcome of her mammogram. Previously, Winthrop's mammographers immediately advised patients verbally of their status. Now, patients also receive accompanying documentation. The more detailed imaging report will continue to be sent to the patient's referring physician.
    Also included are a spiral CT scanner, nuclear medicine gamma camera, and digital state of the art radiographic/fluoroscopic equipment for outpatients, complementing routine digital radiography services, such as sonography.

    Future plans may include the interconnection of the new satellite facility throughout all patient floors in the Hospital, beginning with Surgical Intensive Care, Neonatal Intensive Care, and Medical Intensive Care.

    "Ultimately, we plan to make digitized X-rays available on every authorized patient floor throughout Winthrop, and in the off-site offices of Winthrop's voluntary staff physicians," says Dr. Irwin, "supported with all the appropriate security levels which assure patient privacy."

    For further information, call the Department at 516/663-4510.

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