Vol. 9, No. 2
August, 1999

  • Winthrop Opens Filmless Diagnostic Imaging Center

  • Winthrop Complies with Mammogram Quality Standards Act

  • New Device Revolutionizes Treatment of Cardiac Arrhythmias

  • Long Island's First Electric Mechanical Heart Recipient

  • Women's Resource Center Helps Women Navigate the Healthcare Maze

  • American Cancer Society Recognition

  • New Logo Heralds New Era at Winthrop

  • People with Diabetes Learn to Master Buffets

  • Four New Winthrop Board Members Strengthen Leadership

  • Winthrop's Junior Volunteer Program Awards Scholarships to Deserving Students

  • Students Stock the Shelves of the Child Life Program

  • Pharmacy Robot: A First on Long Island

  • A Warning from the Long Island Poison Control Center at Winthrop

  • Asthma and Allergy Family Fair Presented by the Winthrop Asthma Center

  • More than 500 Celebrate Life at Winthrop's Cancer Survivors' Day

  • 75th Annual Meeting of Winthrop's Auxiliary

  • Golfers Show They're "Fore" Winthrop at 1999 Golf Tournament

  • For Long Island Children who don't have Health Insurance

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    Karate and Jujitsu Demonstrations
    Guest Appearance by Famous Pro Wrestler, "KID USA"
    Magician, Clowns, Puppet Shows
    Computer Games
    Winthrop Downs Horse Race Course
    Mini Golf Course: Nine Holes of Asthma Triggers!

    Pulmonary Rehabilitation patients Tom (L) and Marge Clark (R), who volunteered as clowns, pose with Mara Bernstein, RT, Coordinator, Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program.
    adults and children enjoyed activities and learned more about their lung conditions and available therapies at Winthrop's first Asthma and Allergy Family Fair on June 12... which proved that asthma and allergies need not prevent participation in living, sports, and fun!

    Education, provided through interactive booths run by experts in asthma, innovative computer games and imaginative recreational activities, taught guests how to cope with asthma and allergy symptoms - with advice on the most contemporary therapies.

    The Fair was staffed by Winthrop's physicians, and employees from three disciplines - the Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, the Division of Allergy, Immunology and Rheumatology, and the Department of Pediatrics - who willingly volunteered their time to man the games, coordinate activities, and oversee raffles.

    More than 100 visitors took part in Winthrop's free pulmonary function screening, a test which reveals most lung problems. Guests who use inhalers enjoyed the Fair's "Pac Man" computerized instructional game, which measures the efficiency of their technique in inhaler use.

    Winthrop's Conference Center was also the scene for the unique "Winthrop Downs," a simulated mini-horse racing course, which clearly demonstrated the best Peak Flow Meter techniques. A miniature golf course led visitors through seven picturesque holes of potential asthma "triggers."

    Free raffles and prizes... free breathing tests, with immediate interpretation by lung specialists... and helpful educational materials were available for the entire family.

    A special guest appearance by professional wrestler, Kid USA - an inspiring symbol of health and fitness - capped the day's events. Everyone learned, enjoyed, and expressed the sincere hope that Winthrop's Family Asthma and Allergy Fair will become an annual Hospital and community event!

    The popular Fair provided parents with a convenient way to express their concerns about their childrens' pulmonary problems, and identify an appropriate specialist. Winthrop has three Pediatric Pulmonary Specialists on staff, plus specialists in adult Pulmonary Medicine. To contact a Pulmonologist or to obtain information about Pulmonary Rehabilitation Programs, call Mara Bernstein, RT at 516/663-2579.

    To learn more about Winthrop's Asthma Center, call the following numbers: Pulmonary Division: 516/663-2579
    Division of Allergy, Immunology, and Rheumatology: 516/663-2097
    Department of Pediatrics: 516/663-2288.

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