Vol. 8 No. 2
October 1998

  • Winthrop Dedicates The New Life Center for Labor/Delivery/Recovery

  • Multiple Sclerosis Treatment Program Opens at Winthrop

  • Elected Officials Congratulate Winthrop-University Hospital on Receiving New York's Largest Individual Hospital Award from the New York State Health Workforce Retraining Initiative

  • Winthrop is Designated a Community Training Center for Life Support

  • Winthrop-University Hospital's Stroke Team....A Team Approach to Saving Lives

  • Winthrop Opens New Breast HealthCare Program Educational Health Forums Are Planned for October

  • Winthrop's Center for Crohn's Disease and Colitis Helps Patients Achieve Relief and Remission

  • Winthrop's Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program and Lung Center Participate in a Prestigious International Trial

  • Winthrop Home Health Care Gives People the Option of Living at Home - Rather than in a Long Term Care or Skilled Nursing Facility

  • Winthrop Dedicates The New Life Center

  • Dr. Douglas Katz Is a Co-Developer of CTVPA: A Modification of Spiral CT Scanning of the Chest for Suspected Blood Clots

  • A Third Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory Opens at Winthrop

  • Pediatric Cardiology at Winthrop

  • Women's Cardiology Program at Winthrop-University Hospital Takes Three-Pronged Approach

  • Winthrop's First Multiple Myeloma Patient Acheives Complete Remission through Stem Cell Autologous Transplantation Therapy

  • Perspectives In Health

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  • Responding to the 1 in 9 statistic for breast cancer occurrence among Long Island women, Winthrop has established a new Breast HealthCare Program. As part of the Division of Women's Health Services, the Program provides education to promote early detection, support, and clinical information to women about breast disease. In addition to networking with renowned organizations, such as the American Cancer Society, the Program also provides women with information about available resources within their communities. Deborah Johnson, BS, RN, CNN, Administrator of Women's Health and Nephrology Services, says, "I am proud of the commitment Winthrop has made in developing and offering these services to the women of Long Island."

    Getting the Word Out

    "We are concentrating on getting the word out about the establishment of the new Breast HealthCare Program - communicating through meetings with Winthrop's surgeons, obstetrician-gynecologists, primary care physicians, nurses, social workers, case workers, and the Hospital's Cancer Registry," says Stephanie Musso, RN, MSN, Clinical Specialist, Breast Health, who oversees the Program. "These are the professionals who come into direct contact with patients experiencing breast health concerns. We want to familiarize them with the Program, and further promote patient awareness of Winthrop's Breast HealthCare Program."

    Comprehensive Patient Education
    Patient education includes teaching breast self-examination; sharing knowledge of early detection measures, signs, and symptoms of breast problems; understanding the role and function of the various breast imaging techniques; and offering step-by-step guidance through the hospitalization experience at Winthrop. "The program provides useful information about Pre-Admission Testing; what to expect the day preceding and following breast surgery; and details about the surgical procedure. Importantly, we teach women how to take care of themselves, once they are discharged from Winthrop," Ms. Musso adds.

    Stephanie Musso, RN, MSN, Clinical Specialist with Winthrop's Breast HealthCare Program, joined Winthrop in July, l998.

    Support Groups and Counseling
    As an integral member of the team, a social worker will provide individual and group support for women diagnosed with breast cancer. Recognizing that women with access to support services cope better with the stress of the illness, the Program will address the concerns of women with breast cancer, as well as encourage them and provide access to self-help initiatives and treatment-related products and services.

    The Program's social workers will make every effort to provide one-on-one psychosocial therapy for every woman, and to introduce interested patients to appropriate support groups. "The psychosocial supports are individualized and ongoing," emphasizes Lori Ahern, CSW, MSW, a Certified Social Worker who is also the Program's Educational Consultant.

    A Multidisciplinary Approach
    The Breast HealthCare Team, established earlier this year to guide the program's development process, has already launched a broad range of relevant programs through a multidisciplinary approach. A Clinical Advisory Group, comprised of the Chairmen of the Departments of Medicine, Surgery, and Obstetrics/Gynecology, is providing leadership. Among the clinical services participating are Cancer Registry, Imaging, Radiation Oncology, The Division of Oncology/Hematology, and The Department of Medicine.

    Did you know that there are two types of mammograms?

    An annual screening mammogram - a standard four-view mammogram - is performed on asymptomatic women who have no history of breast biopsy, breast surgery, or implants.

    A diagnostic mammogram is required of women who have had surgery, or present with a detectable problem, such as a lump or thickening. Women who have had breast implants often require multiple views. Unlike the annual screening mammogram, the diagnostic mammogram may be performed more frequently at the request of the patient's physician.

    October is Breast Health Month
    The first in a series of Health Education Forums will take place on October 19, l998. Tapped as a guest speaker, Eva Chalas, MD, Director of Gynecological Oncology, will address "Current Trends in Breast Health." Jeffrey G. Schneider, MD, Faculty Attending, Division of Oncology-Hematology, will also discuss new therapies in the treatment of advanced breast cancer. Another popular speaker will be Diane Sackett-Nannery of Manorville, Long Island - the breast cancer survivor who successfully petitioned for the Breast Health Awareness Stamp.

    Rounding out the month's activities, a Breast Screening Program has been scheduled for October, in cooperation with Winthrop Radiology Associates, PC, with no out of pocket cost for patients. Most insurances, including Medicaid and Medicare, will be accepted, with Winthrop absorbing any required co-pay. Winthrop's Breast HealthCare Program will provide participants who meet the criteria with hands-on clinical breast examinations, screening mammograms, and educational sessions on self-examination, which will include a question and answer segment.

    A need for education
    "There is still a great need for information and education about breast health," Ms. Musso confirms. "I am always amazed when young women in their twenties request a mammogram. The female breast in women under the age of 35 is usually too dense for a useful mammogram, so ultrasound is normally recommended as a first step in evaluating a breast problem in young women."

    The new Breast HealthCare Program at Winthrop - an idea whose time has come - has a variety of related projects percolating, which will benefit the breast health and awareness of Long Island women. For information, call 1-888-53-WOMEN.

    The Women's Health Forum at Winthrop
    1999 CALENDAR
    Presented free-of-charge by Winthrop-University Hospital's
    Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology

    Wednesday, April 14 THE YOGA CONNECTION: Healthy Mind-Healthy Body
    Wednesday, May 12 NUTRITIOUS DISHES: Healthy Recipes That Taste Great!
    Wednesday, June 9 I DON'T REMEMBER: Unforgettable Ways To Improve Your Memory

    Programs are presented in the Winthrop Conference Center, 101 Mineola Boulevard (corner of Second Street) from 7 to 9 PM, with registration & refreshments at 6:30 PM. Admission is free, but seating is limited.

    Please make your reservations no more than 4 weeks in advance of each session you plan to attend by calling 663-8805.

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