Vol. 8 No. 2
October 1998

  • Winthrop Dedicates The New Life Center for Labor/Delivery/Recovery

  • Multiple Sclerosis Treatment Program Opens at Winthrop

  • Elected Officials Congratulate Winthrop-University Hospital on Receiving New York's Largest Individual Hospital Award from the New York State Health Workforce Retraining Initiative

  • Winthrop is Designated a Community Training Center for Life Support

  • Winthrop-University Hospital's Stroke Team....A Team Approach to Saving Lives

  • Winthrop Opens New Breast HealthCare Program Educational Health Forums Are Planned for October

  • Winthrop's Center for Crohn's Disease and Colitis Helps Patients Achieve Relief and Remission

  • Winthrop's Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program and Lung Center Participate in a Prestigious International Trial

  • Winthrop Home Health Care Gives People the Option of Living at Home - Rather than in a Long Term Care or Skilled Nursing Facility

  • Winthrop Dedicates The New Life Center

  • Dr. Douglas Katz Is a Co-Developer of CTVPA: A Modification of Spiral CT Scanning of the Chest for Suspected Blood Clots

  • A Third Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory Opens at Winthrop

  • Pediatric Cardiology at Winthrop

  • Women's Cardiology Program at Winthrop-University Hospital Takes Three-Pronged Approach

  • Winthrop's First Multiple Myeloma Patient Acheives Complete Remission through Stem Cell Autologous Transplantation Therapy

  • Perspectives In Health

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  • The Winthrop Heart Institute Cuts Ribbon for Third Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory. L-R, front row: Gina Berrent, BS, RCIS, Supervisor, Cardiac Catheterization Laboratories; Janice Scully, RN, Nurse Clinician, Cardiac Catheterization Laboratories; Ingrid Bozeat, BS, RCPT, Manager, Inpatient Cardiology; Marni Guba, CHE, Administrative Director of Cardiology; Richard M. Steingart, MD, Chief of the Division of Cardiology; Kevin P. Marzo, MD, Director of Cardiac Catheterization Laboratories, Division of Cardiology; and W. Peter Daniels, Winthrop's Chief Operating Officer. L-R, back row: Edward R. Serio, MBA, Product Line Administrator, The Winthrop Heart Institute; Albert Schenone, MD, Voluntary Attending Cardiologist, Division of Cardiology; Paul Whalen, Administrator of Medical Services; Michael A. Sassower, MD, Voluntary Attending Cardiologist, Division of Cardiology; Steven A. Guidera, MD, Assistant Director of the Cardiac Catheterization Laboratories.

    As part of a major modernization program for all Cardiology facilities at Winthrop, the Hospital now operates a third Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory. The continuing high utilization of Winthrop's two existing Cardiac Catheterization Labs - 4,917 procedures in l997 - necessitated the establishment of a third lab. During l997, the Hospital received the approval of the New York State Department of Health for the additional lab - a recognition of Winthrop's status as "a center of excellence" in Cardiology.

    All three Cardiac Catheterization Laboratories are equipped with a new digital acquisition and viewing system, manufactured by General Electric. Additionally, the newest Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory is supplemented with an adjacent Cardiology Learning Center, utilized by Cardiologists, Cardiology Residents and Fellows, and medical students. Consisting of a state-of-the-art computer viewing system, groups of cardiologists are now able to view and analyze the full array of cardiovascular testing procedures that a patient has undergone. These data further enable them to capitalize on the extraordinary expertise and resources available at Winthrop's Heart Institute.

    The addition of the third Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory and the ongoing modernization further enable the Division of Cardiology to help meet the increasing demand for the cardiological services provided by the Winthrop-University Hospital Heart Institute. For information on the Cardiac Catheterization Laboratories, please call 516/663-2396.

      Pediatric Cardiology at Winthrop

    The Division of Pediatric Cardiology at Winthrop provides care and expertise to an entire range of patients, from expectant mothers with high risk pregnancies, due to conditions such as diabetes and heart disease, or with a family history of heart disease, to children and adolescents with congenital or acquired forms of heart disease.

    Congenital, or inherited heart disease, can be detected as early as the 16th week of pregnancy. From the moment of detection, Winthrop's team of specialists in pediatric/fetal cardiology, maternal/fetal medicine, neonatology, and genetics provides hands-on care, supported with advanced medical technology. Donna J. Better, MD, Associate Director of Pediatric Cardiology, who specializes in cardiac ultrasound and the detection of cardiac abnormalities prior to birth, and Carlos Montoya, MD, Director of Pediatric Cardiology, who specializes in the critical care management of children with congenital heart disease, lead the team and are supported by Lucy Towner, a pediatric echocardiographer.

    The program at Winthrop is affiliated with The Babies and Children's Hospital of Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center, a leader in Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiothoracic Surgery in the tristate area.

    Winthrop's pediatric cardiologists, who are Assistant Professors of Pediatrics at Columbia University, provide expert care at Winthrop; consult at South Nassau Communities Hospital, Oceanside; and accept referrals from both Massapequa General Hospital, Seaford and Mid-Island Hospital, Bethpage, which have clinical affiliations with Winthrop. Drs. Better and Montoya also see patients at The Winthrop Pediatric Specialty Center, 566 Merrick Road, Rockville Centre, and at 200 Old Country Road, Mineola.

    For further information, call Dr. Montoya at 516/663-2288.

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