Vol. 8 No. 1
March 1998

Insuring Quality Community Healthcare

Winthrop's Advance Directive Initiative

The Winthrop South Nassau University Health System Opens Homecare*America Superstore in Mineola

Winthrop Welcomes Three New Directors

Winthrop Opens a Second, Fully Monitored Neurosurgical Intermediate Care Unit

Winthrop's $12 Million New Life Center is on Track for July, l998

Winthrop's Long Island Regional Poison Control Center Observes Fifth Anniversary of Averting Danger, Saving Lives

Patient Unit is Dedicated to the Management of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Long Island's First Dual Chamber Defibrillator is Implanted in Winthrop's Electrophysiology Lab

Report from The Heart Institute at Winthrop: Third Cardiac Catheterization Lab is Authorized by State Department of Health

Winthrop's Artificial Heart Device Program: A Revolutionary Treatment for End-Stage Heart Disease Patients

Winthrop's Dialysis Centers Receive National Award for Patient Encouragement - One of Only Six Programs in the United States to be Recognized

Endoscopic Ultrasound: On The Forefront of Technology

Long Island Chapter of Impotents Anonymous Meets at Winthrop, Filling an Intimate Need ---Confidentially

Winthrop's Stem Cell Autologous Transplantation Therapy Program Saves a Life - And Can Save More!

Winthrop Adds Powerful New Radiological Intervention

Winthrop Auxilians Donate Service, Talent, and Creative Fundraising

Winthrop's Division of Reproductive Medicine Makes Parenthood Possible

Dialysis is technology...but caring is an art.

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New Care Unit
Cutting the ribbon of the new Neursurgical Internediate Care Unit are: L-R: Laurie Mazziotta, RN, Nurse Manager; Garry Schwall, RPA-C, Director of Physician Assistant Serices/ Neurosurgery Department Head; Alan D. Rosenthal, MD, Chief of the Neurosurgery Section; and W. Peter Daniels, Chief Operating Officer.

We don't like to think about it...but a head, neck, or spinal injury could occur at any time, through accidents or falls at home. And unfortunately, no one is immune to tumors. Perhaps that is why Winthrop has experienced a more than 300% growth in neurosurgical cases since l992, occasioning the opening of a second four-bed, fully monitored adult Neurosurgical Intermediate Care Unit. Since August, l997, the new Unit has been providing an attractive and appropriate clinical environment for the provision of quality post-operative care, so crucial to recovery from delicate surgery.

The medical care provided in the new Unit is supported with state-of-the-art cardiac and intracranial pressure monitors (ICP), with ventilator support.

The original Neurosurgical Step-Down Unit has been converted to a Neurosurgical Observation Room, equipped with pulse oximeter monitoring.

Who is admitted to the new Unit?
Patients may have suffered head injuries, or undergone extensive brain surgery, including evacuation of subdural or cerebral hematomas; aneurysm clipping; or removal of pituitary adenomas, acoustic neuromas, glioblastomas, astrocytomas, and meningiomas.

Others might be in cervical traction or have undergone corrective spinal procedures for deformities or scoliosis. These complex medical problems, in addition to spinal problems, require close monitoring.

As a regional Level I Trauma Center, equipped with an active helipad, Winthrop is always on the alert to provide immediate, lifesaving Neurosurgical services.
Neuro-orthopaedic patients may be recovering from surgery for cervical fractures and injuries, spinal tumors, herniated discs, or major spinal reconstruction with instrumentation, according to Orthopaedist Mauro M. Cataletto, MD, who is also Co-Chief of Spinal Services with Winthrop's Department of Neurosurgery.

"The intensive neurological monitoring makes the Unit a secure clinical environment for the recovering post-trauma patient, both in the initial trauma period and post- operatively," adds Dr. Cataletto.

"Winthrop's fully monitored adult Neurosurgical ICU, located on 3 Main, fulfills a significant community need," concludes Alan D. Rosenthal, MD.

For additional information, please telephone 516/663-3893.

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