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The Michael Magro Foundation Education Program

The Michael Magro Foundation's total giving to Project SOAR (School Re-Entry and Ongoing Academic Resources) at the Cancer Center for Kids (CCFK) at Winthrop now totals $135,000, thanks to the Foundation's recent grant of $25,000 in support of this remarkable program.

Children treated for cancer and chronic blood disorders are often unable to attend school for prolonged periods because their illnesses limit physical activity or place them at risk for infection. Within the framework of the SOAR program, the CCFK provides a consortium of resources addressing the special medical, academic and psychological needs of patients with cancer and blood disorders, and helps transition them back to school during and post-treatment.

In addition to the SOAR team's presence at each academic institution, meetings with parents and children take place throughout the year to mitigate stressful circumstances and prepare for an anxiety-free return to the classroom. Neuropsychological testing, which encompasses a critical amount of professional time and evaluation, continues to be an integral part of the process necessary to accommodate and anticipate present and future patient needs.


The CCFK at Winthrop cares for a number of children who have not attended class for months because of treatment for complex cancers and blood disorders.

"The Center's staff works hard with children and their parents, helping them to keep up with school work and get ready to return to the classroom," said Terrie Magro, Co-Founder of the Michael Magro Foundation. "The team also educates faculty and classmates, and alerts them about what to expect when the child comes back. The best thing is that SOAR remains available throughout treatment and into survivorship – so if there are any issues or concerns later on, they can be addressed."

The Michael Magro Foundation perpetuates Michael Magro's spirit by helping children and their families face the challenges of pediatric cancer. Creating innovative programs and expanding its outreach have put the Foundation at the forefront of Long Island philanthropy.

For more information about the Michael Magro Foundation's mission and programs, visit

Vol. 24, No. 1
Spring 2014

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