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Local Artists Bring Splashes of Hope to Winthrop

Pictured in front of the mural painted in memory of Marjorie Buddenhagen are (l.-r.) John P. Broder, Advisor - Office of the President & CEO; Heather Bugg�e, Executive Director, Painter/Artist, Splashes of Hope; Diana Fogarty, Painter/Artist; Brian Yudewitz, President, Splashes of Hope; and John F. Collins, President & CEO of Winthrop.
Winthrop�s halls are shining brighter, thanks to Splashes of Hope � a nonprofit organization committed to transforming, enriching and facilitating healing through art � which recently installed two hand-painted murals at the Hospital.

As patients and visitors step off the elevator onto Hoag 3 (Winthrop�s ICU), they are greeted by a serene mural depicting a scene of cherry blossom trees, water and bridges. This mural was painted by Catherine Brown, who is also an Advisory Board member at Splashes of Hope, with painter/artist Heather Bugg�e, Founder and Executive Director of Splashes of Hope. The mural was painted in memory of Marjorie Buddenhagen, Ms. Brown�s mother, in appreciation for the wonderful team of physicians who cared for her at Winthrop. It depicts Marjorie�s favorite things, including watching the cherry blossoms, sparrows, her dog and her grandson. The mural was sponsored by Catherine and Russ Brown and their friends and family.

Pictured in front of the mural painted in memory of John Fogarty with Mr. Fogarty�s daughter Diana Fogarty, Painter/Artist (second from left) are (from left) her sister Katie Saxton; mother Diana Fogarty; sister Maureen Rivera and John F. Collins, President & CEO of Winthrop.
�The �window view� of this painting is meant to open up the walls of the Hospital to provide patients and families with a peaceful view at what can be a very difficult time,� said Ms. Brown.

Artist Diana Fogarty, Advisory Board Member at Splashes of Hope, painted another mural that now hangs in Winthrop�s Hoag 3 Family Waiting Room.

The mural, in memory of Diana�s father, John Fogarty, depicts John on the beach with his family.

�This mural is my way of creating the world�s largest thank you card in appreciation to the exceptional care my father received at Winthrop,� Ms. Fogarty said.

Splashes of Hope has brought murals and other artistic projects to medical and social service facilities across the globe, and plans are already in the works for more murals at Winthrop. For more information about Splashes of Hope, visit
Vol. 22, No. 3
Winter 2012

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