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New Breast Cancer Clinical Trial: CyberKnife

In its continuing mission to expand and improve treatment options for patients with breast cancer, Winthrop-University Hospital recently launched an IRBapproved clinical trial that utilizes the powerful and highly precise CyberKnife� Radiosurgery system as a follow-up to lumpectomy, in select women with breast cancer who desire breast conservation after resection of their breast tumor.

Winthrop was the very first hospital in the New York Metropolitan Area to acquire the state-of-the-art Cyber Knife system that has already given new hope to many thousands of people with tumors and lesions once considered inoperable, and is a global leader in its use and in the training of physicians to use CyberKnife. Since its development in the 1990's, CyberKnife has become the treatment of choice for many prostate cancer patients due to its high success rate and lower incidence of side effects than other treatment options.

Jonathan Haas, MD & Janna Andrews, MD
With high-tech, cruise-missileguidance technology and ultra-flexible, computer-controlled robotics, CyberKnife delivers precisely targeted radiation to tumors. Extraordi - narily accurate, the radiation beams can be sculpted to reach small, deeply imbedded, complex masses minimizing damage to healthy tissue when compared to other types of radiation therapy. CyberKnife takes only five days of consecutive treatments of one hour or less, as compared to the four to seven weeks of daily treatments with conventional radiation therapy, and is favored for appropriate cases due to the greatly reduced impact on surrounding tissue thanks to its highly precise radiation beams.

Eligibility for this innovative breast cancer clinical trial must be determined in consultation with the study's Principal Investigator, Jonathan Haas, MD, Chief of the Division of Radiation Oncology at Winthrop, or Janna Andrews, MD, Attending Physician in the Division of Radiation Oncology. Among other things, criteria for inclusion of this study include:
  • Patient age of 45 years old or more
  • Breast tumor of three cm or less in one breast only
  • No lymph node involvement
  • Clear margins following lumpectomy
  • No prosthetic breast augmentation in place (no breast implants; however patients who have had implants removed may be eligible)
  • CyberKnife treatment must be approved and initiated within seven weeks of lumpectomy or the last chemotherapy treatment
If you or someone you know is interested in the CyberKnife Breast Cancer Clinical Trial, please call 1-866- WINTHROP. Financial assistance may be available.
Vol. 21, No. 1
Winter/Spring 2011

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