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Winthrop Legacy Project - Lifelong Relationships

In the offices, conference rooms and medical units at Winthrop, people often reminisce about their family histories with our hospital. It is truly remarkable how many people have life-long relationships with Winthrop (previously Nassau Hospital), and the fondness of those memories. For many people, Winthrop is very much a part of their family history � and they are very much a part of its legacy of caring.


Dennis Sheridan, Vice President, Administration, and his two sons were born at Winthrop. Dennis worked here for two summers as an orderly in the Open Heart Operating Room while he was a college student and joined the hospital�s Administration in 1996. His father also worked at Nassau Hospital as a teen, cleaning glassware in the Lab.

Bill Gille, Director of Security, was born at Nassau Hospital, as were his two sons.

Stacey Avedisian, RN, a nurse on Labor & Delivery, was born here � one of triplets, who surprised mom and dad and their doctor. Her sister, Diane Morrison Sheedy, also works at Winthrop in the Sleep Disorders Center, and their father worked here in the 1990s.

Cristina Mendes, RN, Assistant Nurse Manager on the Pediatric ICU, and her siblings were born here; she was a candystriper in high school. Her husband, Carlos Mendes, works in Winthrop�s Electrophysiology Lab and her cousin Suzanne Silva works for the Winthrop Employees Federal Credit Union. Her soon-to-be-born baby will be delivered at Winthrop as well!

Susan Preziosi, RN, Nurse Manager on 3 Main, was one of six siblings born here; her mom was a nurse at Nassau Hospital in the 1950s and Susan has been employed here since 1984.

Denise Hodish, Central Staffing Manager in the Department of Nursing, was born here and served as a candystriper when she was a teen. She has been employed here since 1972, and her children were born here.

Michael C. Stroud, President of Atlas Investigations in Garden City, survived a difficult birth thanks to the life-saving care of doctors at Nassau Hospital. His daughter and parents have also been patients at Winthrop over the years. A business affiliate of the Hospital, he is also the founding chairman of the annual Golf Outing to benefit Winthrop�s Cancer Center for Kids (CCFK), which to date has raised more than $200,000.

Patrick K. Long, President and CEO of Formed Plastics, Inc., in Carle Place, is a long-time member and former chairman of the Winthrop Board of Directors. Mr. Long, two of his children, and four grandchildren were born at Winthrop; his granddaughters Caroline and Catie are graduates of the NICU.

Garry Schwall, Winthrop�s Chief Operating Officer, began his life at Nassau Hospital and joined Winthrop�s Administration in 1993.

Wendy Goldstein, Director of Public Affairs at Winthrop, was born here and delivered her two sons here � the first of whom was delivered by the same obstetrician who delivered her.

Cristin Reardon, PCA, on the Pediatric Unit, was born at Winthrop and delivered her daughter here in 1995.

Lorraine Greene, RN, of Winthrop�s Certified Home Health Agency, was born here and began working at Winthrop 25 years ago; she delivered both of her sons at Winthrop. Lorraine�s sister Laura Grau, Manager of Volunteer Services, along with her two children, were also born at Winthrop.

Palmira Cataliotti, Senior Vice President and CFO of Winthrop, was born here, grew up in Mineola, and served as a candystriper as a teen. She joined the Finance team in 1997, and delivered her daughters Julia Maria and Sofia Faye here as well.

Other notable connections include:

Rosemary Cinquemani, Garden City resident, donor and business affiliate. Rosemary was born at Winthrop, is co-chair of the CCFK Golf Outing and her law firm Furey, Kerley, Walsh, Matera and Cinquemani, P.C., represents Winthrop, which is still her family�s hospital of choice; Suzanne Parker, Director of Quality Management at Winthrop, was born here and has worked at Winthrop since 1985, followed by her daughter Elizabeth Wolfrom, RN, who is a nurse in the Medical ICU; Yolanda Vineyard, a member of the Health Information Management team, was also born here and has been employed at Winthrop since 2004; Kristen Bello-Rojas, RN, Educator in Critical Care, was born at Nassau Hospital and became an employee on her 22nd birthday. And while Barbara Kohart Kleine, Vice President, Administration, was not born here, her mother was born at Nassau Hospital in 1926 and the family has had a life-long relationship with the hospital.

If you have a lifelong history with Winthrop, please feel free to send your story to

Winthrop Legacy: A Nurses Story

My mother, Jean Guthlein, was a nurse at Nassau Hospital in the 1950s, and my five siblings and I were all born here. My mother left her nursing job in 1957 to raise her family, and 12 years later, she was diagnosed with advanced ovarian cancer. Even though our family had moved out east on Long Island by then, it was Nassau Hospital where my mother had her many surgeries and chemotherapy treatments. My dad recalls that he always felt comfortable with my mom at Nassau Hospital, as did she. He remembers a very special nursing supervisor named Mrs. Dalton, and he would always notify Mrs. Dalton when my mom was admitted. He said it gave them great comfort to know that someone cared and would look out for her when he needed to be at home with his six young children. Despite great care, my mom passed away at age 43 in 1974...

As a nurse manager now, I can relate to patients� and their families� struggles. I always try to make the patient and his/her family as comfortable as possible as does the rest of my staff. I know first hand how important it is to provide a caring environment and to keep the patient and their family informed and involved in their care.

Maybe some day I or a member of my dedicated staff will be the �Mrs. Dalton� in someone else�s life.

S.P., RN
Nurse Manager
Winthrop-University Hospital


8-2 Laura Grau, Manager of Volunteer Services and the Gift Shop at Winthrop, and her sister Lorraine Greene, RN, a nurse with Winthrop�s Certified Home Health Agency, were born at Winthrop in the 1960s and both delivered their children here. Both families continue to carry on the Winthrop Legacy. Laura�s son Elan is a transporter at Winthrop and daughter Lauren is a junior volunteer. Lorraine, who joined the Winthrop team 25 years ago as a cashier, is now participating in a Winthrop-sponsored Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree program, and her son Sean, works as a transporter at the hospital.
Vol. 20, No. 1
Winter/Spring 2010

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