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Winthrop Expands Partnership With LifeStar

Medical emergencies can arise any time � day or night. And when the situation is not life-threatening, many people prefer to be transported to their hospital of choice for treatment.

Thanks to Winthrop-University Hospital�s longstanding and growing relationship with LifeStar Response ambulance service, community members across Long Island and Queens now have access to an expanded fleet of vehicles that are available to transport patients to our world-class institution in their time of need. Services are covered by most insurance plans and can be utilized by calling LifeStar Response at (631) 289-1100 � 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

�LifeStar is a major local and regional ambulance company that continues to provide high quality and personal care to Winthrop-University Hospital�s patients and families,� said James S. Flaherty, Vice President, Administration at Winthrop.

LifeStar provides a dedicated fleet of basic, complex, and unique ambulances and services to Winthrop including:

Basic Life Support Ambulances

These New York State-certified ambulances are equipped with automated external defibrillators and provide at least one emergency medical technician (EMT) who is certified to provide CPR, oxygen and basic medication administration, splinting of fractures, bleeding control, and burn treatments.

Bariatric Ambulances

Equipped with a bariatric stretcher, these ambulances enable LifeStar staff to transport large patients easier and more comfortably.

Advanced Life Support (ALS) Ambulances

These New York State-certified ambulances are staffed with at least one EMT and one paramedic who can start intravenous lines; administer medications; interpret heart rhythms; defibrillate or pace a patient�s heart; and intubate patients requiring a secured airway and ventilation.

Specialty Care Ambulances

LifeStar paramedics are credentialed to provide specialty care, which meets standards beyond the training that is required by New York State to become certified as a paramedic. This includes transferring patients on ventilators; administration of medications outside the realm of standard emergency medications; and use of intravenous medication pumps.

Pediatric Ambulance

LifeStar paramedics provide treatment and transportation of pediatric patients to Winthrop. Depending upon the nature of the medical situation, a physician may accompany the paramedic to administer medical care.

Neonatal Ambulance

This ambulance remains stationed at Winthrop, awaiting the needs of the Hospital�s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). The vehicle can transport a clinical team from Winthrop � which may include a physician, nurse and respiratory therapist � to the infant for evaluation. The child may then be transported to Winthrop in a secure isolette for further treatment. This ambulance also picks up high-risk newborns from other hospitals when the sophisticated technology and specialized care of Winthrop�s NICU is required.

For patients who do not require medical treatment or observation during the transport, LifeStar offers a Winthrop passenger van to transport ambulatory patients or those who require transportation in wheelchairs.

This door-to-door service is provided by LifeStar�s courteous and friendly staff of New York State certified drivers.

For additional information about vehicles and services, call LifeStar at (631) 289-1100.

Vol. 19, No. 3
Fall 2009

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