Pediatric Bowel Management Program Addresses Unique Needs of Children

Vol. 18, No. 2
Summer 2008

  • Compassionate, Cutting-Edge Care Provides Relief to 89-Year-Old Patient

  • Winthrop Elects Three New Members to Board of Directors

  • Two Winthrop-University Hospital Physicians Top New York State Lists for Cardiac Care

  • Phyllis & Nathan J. Mistretta Emergency Diagnostic Imaging Center Dedicated at Winthrop

  • RP-7 "Virtual Doctor" Makes it's Debut at Winthrop

  • Congratulations, Top Docs!

  • A Vibrant Research Program at Winthrop

  • Pediatric Bowel Management Program Addresses Unique Needs of Children

  • International Exchange Program Tours Winthrop

  • 23rd Annual Golf Tournament Raises a Record $430,000 for Emergency Services at Winthrop

  • 11th Annual Opera Night Raises $75,000 for Child Life

  • Charlie's Champions Foundation Shows Continued Support for Cancer Center for Kids

  • Community Members Say Yes to Good Health

  • Senator Schumer Hosts Press Conference at Diabetes Education Center

  • 2nd Annual Black & White Ball Raises $300,000 for Cancer Center for Kids

  • Michael Magro Foundation Supports CCFK's School Re-entry Program

  • Starlight Starbright Children's Foundation Helps Make Wishes Come True

  • Winthrop Receives "Found Money"

  • The Miracle Foundation Makes Third Gift of $50,000 to Cancer Center for Kids

  • Swim Laps Go a Long Way in Support of Pediatrics

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  • Society has developed many euphemisms for "having an accident" but there is nothing light-hearted about fecal incontinence for people with chronic bowel control problems.

    Fecal incontinence - also known as "soiling" - affects more than 5.5 million Americans. Conditions such as imperforate anus, Hirschsprung's disease, spinal defects, or idiopathic constipation - severe constipation without known cause - can lead to a lack of bowel control that can cause life altering emotional and social problems. Neurological handicaps an also cause similar problems with fecal incontinence.

    Families with children or young adults suffering from fecal incontinence from any etiology now have a unique and comprehensive resource for this problem through the new Winthrop Pediatric Bowel Management Program.

    "Winthrop's Pediatric Bowel Management Program is designed to help young people learn how to �stay clean'," said Fredric Daum, MD, Medical Director of the Pediatric Bowel Management Program at Winthrop and Chief of Winthrop's Division of Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition. "The all encompassing nature of the program is designed to help children with abdominal abnormalities as well as those with neurological and spinal defects."

    Winthrop's highly specialized Pediatric Bowel Management Program, initiated by clinical nurse specialist Kathleen Guardino, RN, MSN, in collaboration with renowned colorectal surgeon Alberto Pena, MD, Director of the Colorectal Center at Cincinnati Children's Hospital, is helping young patients - from Long Island and across the country - overcome the obstacles associated with fecal incontinence.

    The program involves several consecutive days of treatment that ultimately leads to day-long "clean" periods during which patients and their families may enjoy normal daily activities without the worry of stool accidents.

    If surgical intervention is indicated, Dr. Daum works closely with Dr. Pena to provide the expert surgery and follow-up care that is required to ensure the best possible outcome.

    In addition to providing expert medical services that are tailored to the needs of each patient, the Pediatric Bowel Management Program offers a concierge service to assist families who travel to New York for this unique service at Winthrop by helping them with airline reservations, hotel arrangements, ground transportation and entertainment in the greater metropolitan New York area.

    "Winthrop's Pediatric Bowel Management Program will have a profound impact on the lives of children and families regionally, nationally and even internationally," said Dr. Daum.

    For more information about Winthrop's Pediatric Bowel Management Program or to schedule a consultation, please call (516) 663-3029.

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