Open-Heart Surgery Program is Top-Ranked in New York State

Vol. 11, No. 1
April, 2001

  • Ambulatory Surgery Center Doubles

  • Open-Heart Surgery Program is Top-Ranked in New York State

  • Dr. Scott Re-appointed to Transplant Council

  • Near Infrared Spectroscopy Trials Key To Prevention of Newborn Brain Damage

  • Winthrop-University Hospital Announces New Pediatric Cancer Program

  • New Treatment for Cerebral Aneurysms

  • Multiple Sclerosis Center Provides Novantrone�

  • Swift, Accurate Diagnosis Key to Breast Health

  • New Medical Director for Poison and Drug Information Center

  • Poison Prevention is a Year-Round Concern

  • Parents Show off New Babies Through �Cybervisits�

  • Independent Insulin Pump Training At Diabetes Education Center

  • Art Show and Sale Raise Funds For Chaplaincy Program

  • Auxiliary 2000 HANYS Award

  • Pediatric Pavilion: Winthrop's Plan To Bring Good Health to Kids

  • Winthrop and LI Blood Services Open New Donor Center

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  • Winthrop has achieved the lowest risk-adjusted mortality rate in the State of New York for patients undergoing coronary artery by-pass surgery, according to statistics released in January by the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH). In 1998, the most recent year for which figures are available, Winthrop was first in the State with a risk-adjusted mortality rate of just .82 percent. These extraordinary results follow the NYSDOH report last year, which ranked Winthrop number one in the New York Metropolitan region with a 1.12 percent risk-adjusted mortality rate.

    Since 1989, the Department of Health has been ranking cardiac surgery programs in New York State to provide patients with an objective guideline for selecting a cardiac surgery program. The formula used to rank hospitals takes into account data on the severity of illness seen in each institution�s patient mix, and provides each hospital with a measure of �expected mortality rate� based on the overall health of the patients treated.

    While achieving the lowest risk-adjusted mortality rate in the State, Winthrop�s expected mortality rate was among the highest in the State, indicating that its cardiac surgeons are effectively providing care to the most critically ill patients. These include the elderly and patients with underlying complications and illnesses that are expected to impact on their ability to recover from major surgery.

    �This is gratifying recognition of the efforts of our entire cardiac surgery team,� said William C. Scott, MD, Chairman of Thoracic-Cardiovascular Surgery at Winthrop. �These statistics verify - to our patients, the general public, and the cardiologists who entrust their patients to us for surgical care - that our program is second to none in the State.�

    �It is the teamwork, experience, dedication, and skill of the entire staff in our Institute for Heart Care�s cardiac surgery program that make the difference, and these statistical results confirm that difference,� said Daniel P. Walsh, Winthrop�s President and Chief Executive Officer.

    In addition to annual rankings, the Department of Health also provides data on the performance of the State�s 33 open-heart surgery programs over a three-year period. From 1996-98, the most recent years for which statistics are available, Winthrop�s risk-adjusted mortality was the lowest in the Metropolitan region. Its coronary artery by-pass outcomes surpassed all other major medical centers in New York City, Long Island, and Westchester.

    �We have a very special program here,� concluded Dr. Scott. �This achievement recognizes not only the technical skill of our surgeons, but also the significant contributions of all our nursing, other professional, and support staff who deliver pre- and post-operative care to our patients. I�m very proud of all they do to make our program so special.�

    The State reports on outcomes for patients undergoing coronary artery by-pass surgery only. However, a large number of patients are undergoing increasingly complex open-heart surgery procedures such as valve replacements and simultaneous by-pass and valve replacements. Last year, Winthrop�s cardiovascular surgeons performed nearly 1,100 open-heart operations.

    Its cardiac surgery team is also on the cutting-edge of newly emerging techniques, including minimally invasive open-heart surgery, and �beating heart� surgery, which spares patients the trauma of being placed on a heart-lung machine. They have also pioneered the use of �artificial heart� technology as the only Long Island surgeons with experience in implanting the Left Ventricular Assist Device. This equipment assumes the pumping function of the heart�s left chamber, providing patients with end-stage heart failure with a window of time to wait for a suitable donor heart to become available for transplant.

    Winthrop�s cardiac surgery program is a pivotal component of its Institute for Heart Care. For additional information, please call 1-800-443-2788.

    Dr. Scott Re-appointed to Transplant Council

    William C. Scott, MD, Chairman, Department of Thoracic-Cardiovascular Surgery, has been reappointed to the New York State Transplant Council, upon the recommendation of New York State Senator Michael A. L. Balboni. Dr. Scott has served on the Council since l998. The Transplant Council is an advisory board to the State Commissioner of Health, to heighten awareness and understanding of organ and tissue donation, allocation, and transplantation. The announcement of Dr. Scott�s reappointment was issued by State Majority Leader Joseph L. Bruno, President Pro Tem, New York State Senate.

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