Winthrop Ranked Number 1 in Metropolitan Region
for Open-Heart Surgery

Vol. 10, No. 4
December, 2000

  • Winthrop Ranked #1 in Metropolitan Region for Open-Heart Surgery

  • Telemetry Monitoring Units Safeguard Cardiac Patients

  • Cardiac Rehabilitation Program Certified

  • Uterine Artery Embolization:
    A Non-Surgical Approach to Fibroid Tumors

  • Osteoporosis Studies Recruit Women

  • Senator Balboni Sponsors Grant for Neonatal Transport System

  • Re-Opening of Expanded Pulmonary Rehabilitation Unit

  • Respiratory Syncytial Virus Trials Focus on Children

  • Combating Tickborne Infectious Diseases

  • Warding off the Flu

  • Arabian Nights Gala Benefits Hospital

  • Changes to Winthrop�s Board of Directors

  • New Members Elected to Winthrop�s Board of Directors

  • Winthrop Directors Cut Ribbon at New Hospital Entrance

  • Senior Volunteer Awards Luncheon
    In appreciation of our devoted volunteers

  • New Name For The Long Island Poison Control Center

  • Winthrop Hosts Child Health Plus Open Enrollment


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  • William C. Scott, MD, Chairman of the Department of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery (center from left) leads a surgical team performing open-heart surgery.
    Winthrop has the lowest risk-adjusted mortality rate for cardiac surgery in the New York Metropolitan region, according to the most recent New York State Department of Health findings. Statistics released by the State in October indicated that in 1997, the latest year for which figures were available, Winthrop was ranked first in the downstate region for having the lowest observed mortality and risk-adjusted mortality rates.

    The statistics rank New York State hospitals in terms of mortality rates following coronary artery bypass graft surgery (CABG), one of the more commonly performed open-heart procedures. Risk-adjusted mortality rates use a formula to compensate for acuity of patients� conditions. This helps to create a level playing field for hospitals that operate on higher risk patients, including patients who are more critically ill, elderly, or have other serious medical conditions that might impact on their ability to recover from open-heart surgery.

    �We are most proud of our statistics,� said William C. Scott, MD, Chairman of the Department of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery at Winthrop. �These excellent outcomes are attributable to our experienced, dedicated staff, and the comprehensive program we have worked diligently to assemble.�

    The State figures also reveal that Winthrop is one of the busiest cardiac surgery programs in the New York Metropolitan region. In 1997, Winthrop surgeons performed more than 860 CABG operations.

    Since they rely solely on CABG data, the New York State statistics do not reflect the other highly complex cardiac surgical procedures performed at Winthrop.

    Winthrop is currently the only Long Island hospital, and one of only seven non-cardiac transplant centers in the nation, offering patients the TCI Heartmate Left Ventricular Assist Device, or L-VAD. This sophisticated �artificial heart� assumes the critical pumping function of the heart�s left chamber, allowing patients in end-stage heart failure to live independently and regain strength, while awaiting an appropriate donor heart. Other aspects of Winthrop�s program include off-pump open-heart surgery, also known as �beating heart� surgery, and minimally invasive open-heart surgery, which spares patients the trauma of an open-chest operation. In addition, an increasing number of patients are undergoing valve replacement surgery as well as by-pass and valve replacements performed simultaneously. Projections for the year 2000 are for more than 1,100 cardiac surgical procedures to be performed at Winthrop.

    For additional information on the Thoracic Cardiovascular Surgery Program, part of Winthrop�s Institute for Heart Care, call 1-800-443-2788.

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