Senior Volunteer Awards Luncheon
In appreciation of our devoted volunteers

Vol. 10, No. 4
December, 2000

  • Winthrop Ranked #1 in Metropolitan Region for Open-Heart Surgery

  • Telemetry Monitoring Units Safeguard Cardiac Patients

  • Cardiac Rehabilitation Program Certified

  • Uterine Artery Embolization:
    A Non-Surgical Approach to Fibroid Tumors

  • Osteoporosis Studies Recruit Women

  • Senator Balboni Sponsors Grant for Neonatal Transport System

  • Re-Opening of Expanded Pulmonary Rehabilitation Unit

  • Respiratory Syncytial Virus Trials Focus on Children

  • Combating Tickborne Infectious Diseases

  • Warding off the Flu

  • Arabian Nights Gala Benefits Hospital

  • Changes to Winthrop�s Board of Directors

  • New Members Elected to Winthrop�s Board of Directors

  • Winthrop Directors Cut Ribbon at New Hospital Entrance

  • Senior Volunteer Awards Luncheon
    In appreciation of our devoted volunteers

  • New Name For The Long Island Poison Control Center

  • Winthrop Hosts Child Health Plus Open Enrollment


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  • L-R: Daniel P. Walsh, Winthrop�s President and Chief Executive Officer; Frances Sweeney, President, Winthrop�s Auxiliary; George Cannova, �Volunteer of the Year;� Judy Soba, immediate Past President, Winthrop�s Auxiliary; and Carmela Anglim, Director of Volunteer Services.
    Every seat was filled at Winthrop�s annual Senior Volunteer Awards Luncheon on October 26. The Hospital�s Community Outreach Center was transformed into a banquet hall, its decor and ambience perfectly matched to the array of autumn colors outdoors. Almost 150 Senior Volunteers were honored for voluntary service, ranging from 100-25,000 hours.

    Volunteers with the top accruals of hours were Louise Mazzaro, 25,000 hours, Anna Maggiore, 13,000 hours, Angelina Zappala, 7,500 hours, Helene Ehmann, 7,000 hours, MaryAnn Cantileno and Ruth Hitchcock, 5,500 hours, Paul Burgdorf, Susan Hall, Sharon Hummers, and Thomas Spae, 5,000 hours, and Theresa Lewis and BettyAnn Pristupa, 4,000 hours.

    Carmela Anglim, Director of Volunteers, declared, �Our volunteers are the glue holding us all together. Volunteers give Winthrop what no hospital can buy: human kindness. It cannot be purchased at any price. Our devoted volunteers give it away!�

    In his words of thanks, Daniel P. Walsh, President and Chief Executive Officer, said, �I commend you for your contribution of time and service, kindness and compassion. You are performing a tremendously effective job, extending the Hospital�s caring for people. You help us to meet the promises of our motto, �Care without Compromise.��

    Josephine Casella, with 1,000 volunteer hours served in the Hospital�s Engineering Department, was also named �Volunteer of the Year.�
    Appreciation was also expressed by Valerie Terzano, BSN, MSN, CNA, Vice President-Nursing, who expressed the gratitude of �some 1,700 employees in the Department of Nursing and countless patients and their loved ones.� Barbara L. Kohart, Vice President-Administration, a former Junior Volunteer, commented on the Volunteers� role in the enhancement of customer service. �Volunteers are at the core of Winthrop�s achievements in customer service, through the many personalized services they provide,� she declared.

    The �Volunteers of the Year� Awards were announced by Judy Soba, Immediate Past President of the Auxiliary. The honor was shared by Josephine Casella, with 1,000 hours served in the Hospital�s Engineering Department, and George Cannova, with 500 hours in the Pharmacy and the Department of Human Resources.

    Many Volunteers are also Auxilians, including Veronica Renken (2,500 hours), Auxiliary Treasurer and Chair of the Legislation Committee; Sharon Hummers (5,000 hours), Chair, Gift Shop Committee; and Helene Ehmann, (7,000 hours), Chair, Junior Volunteer Scholarships Committee, among others. BettyAnn Pristupa, a Winthrop employee, volunteers in her free time (4,000 hours). Marie Blaine (1,000 hours) is a retired Winthrop Pathology Department employee.

    The Winthrop Dietary Department presented a festive luncheon buffet, which was enjoyed by everyone. The annual event concluded with the Auxiliary Prayer. For information on volunteering at Winthrop, call Carmela Anglim, Director of Volunteer Services, at (516) 663-2391.

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