Nurse Specialist Group
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Vol. 10, No. 3
September, 2000

  • Photodynamic Therapy: A Ray of Hope for Cancer Patients

  • Baclofen Pump Relieves Severe Muscle Stiffness

  • New Intervention Helps Seal Spinal Fractures

  • Winthrop�s Program of Radiography Accepts Applications

  • The Pediatric Special Care Unit
    A Regional Resource for Children Requiring Intensive Care

  • Neonatologist Awarded $2.186 Million for Multi-center Study

  • Prostate Cancer Screening Planned

  • Ambulatory Surgery Unit Now Operational

  • Parent Alert: Four-to-Eight-Year-Olds Need Booster Seats in Cars

  • New Poison Control Website

  • October is Breast Health Month

  • September is Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month

  • Nurse Specialist Group
    An Educational Resource

  • More than 500 Celebrate Cancer Survivors Day

  • Board Member Theodora Hooten Receives Trustee of the Year� Award

  • New Conference Center and Library Dedicated

  • �Evidence-Based Medicine� Training Grant

  • Winthrop President and CEO Honored by Metropolitan Health Administrators� Association

  • Hospital Volunteers Needed

  • An Enchanted Evening

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  • Margaret R. Murphy, MS, RNC, NNP, Nurse Manager for Winthrop�s Two North Pavilion/Nursery (L); Kathleen Dooney, MSN, RN, Associate Director, Nursing Education (C); and Paula Dutka, RN, MSN, CNN, Clinical Nurse Specialist for Winthrop�s Division of Nephrology and Hypertension (R) review programs and calendars for Winthrop�s �Perspectives in Health� Programs for 2000-2001. Kathleen Grogan, RN, CS, Geriatric Nurse Specialist, (not pictured) is a co-leader with Ms. Murphy this year.

    Purses are the backbone of every hospital, serving around-the-clock as direct caregivers to each patient on every unit. But in a busy teaching hospital such as Winthrop, nursing professionals take on a variety of roles and contribute to community well-being and staff education as well as patient care. The high quality care provided by Winthrop�s dedicated floor nurses is enhanced by the presence of the Hospital�s Nurse Specialist Group, a cadre of Master�s degree-prepared nurses, who have furthered their education and expertise with advanced certification.

    All members of the Nurse Specialist Group are either Nurse Practitioners (NPs) or Clinical Nurse Specialists (CNS). At Winthrop, Clinical Nurse Specialists assume an educational, administrative, and research role, whereas Nurse Practitioners are more involved with front-line patient care. With their advanced training and comprehensive knowledge of nursing practices, they are respected role models for staff nurses. Kathleen Dooney, MSN, RN, Associate Director, Nursing Education, notes, �Few teaching hospitals have as many Clinical Nurse Specialists as Winthrop.�

    In addition to their various responsibilities within the Hospital, more than a decade ago, the Nurse Specialist Group recognized the general public�s hunger for free, accurate medical information. They responded by collaborating with many of Winthrop�s Board certified physicians to offer monthly lectures free of charge to the general public, and the Hospital�s �Perspectives in Health� Lecture Program was born.

    Bone Up on Osteoporosis�Controlling High Blood Pressure� Positive Living with Diabetes�these are only a sampling of the many compelling topics covered by �Perspectives in Health.� Through the series, Winthrop�s clinicians continue to provide the public with free, professional, and accurate medical information, including factual advice on living with a variety of conditions.

    The medical topics are selected by the Nurse Specialists, who tap into community interest to formulate programs. As each Clinical Nurse Specialist is trained in a specific medical discipline, the topics also reflect their expertise. Popular series topics have included Diabetes Care and Education, Women�s Health, Neurology, Asthma Care, Kidney Care, and Pediatric Care.

    Margaret R. Murphy, MS, RNC, NNP, Nurse Manager for Winthrop�s Two North Pavilion/Nursery, and Kathleen Grogan, RN, CS, Geriatric Nurse Specialist, will coordinate �Perspectives in Health� through 2001. Paula Dutka, RN, MSN, CNN, Clinical Nurse Specialist for the Division of Nephrology and Hypertension, recently completed almost a decade as the Program�s coordinator.

    ��Perspectives in Health� was born of the efforts of many dedicated clinical specialists who willingly volunteered their time in order to promote health maintenance within the community. The group is always trying to reach more individuals and families with information,� said Ms. Dutka. �We are now reaching all age brackets. That is probably because there is a community need to learn about healthcare, health maintenance, and prevention of disease.�

    For more information on Winthrop�s �Perspectives in Health� series and to obtain a calendar, call Winthrop�s Department of External Affairs at (516) 663-2234.

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