Children’s Health Services Program:
A Wealth of Information and Referrals

Vol. 10, No. 2
June, 2000

  • Longer-Lasting Implants Used for Total Hip Replacement

  • Brachytherapy Service Expands to New Island Hospital
    Brachytherapy Expertise Benefits Patients at Winthrop’s Affiliate

  • New Technology Reduces Pain of Tonsillectomies

  • Tips for Safe Use of Insect Repellent Containing DEET

  • Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for Six-Bed Vascular Stepdown Unit

  • Children’s Health Services Program:
    A Wealth of Information and Referrals

  • Pediatricians on Medical Mission to El Salvador

  • Stereotactic Technology System Expands the Parameters of ‘What is Operable’

  • Stroke Team Offers the Latest Treatments

  • Team Provides New Seizure Control Procedure for Children

  • MRI Unit Receives Three-Year Accreditation from the American College of Radiology

  • Emergency Department Receives Adelphi University Award

  • Ultra-fast, Multi-slice CT Scanner Installed in Radiology Department

  • Installation of Winthrop’s Auxiliary Officers

  • Lita Reilly Elected Auxilian of the Year

  • Annual Junior Volunteer Awards Ceremony

  • Focus on Home Care:
    Care without Compromise Comes Home

  • In the Swing of Things

  • Child Life Program Expands Hours and Services

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  • At Children’s Health Services, part of the Institute for Family Care, parents are assisted with computerized research on children’s health topics. Anne Walsh-Feeks, MS, Program Manager, (standing, R) assists Wendy Thomas (seated, L) with logging on to the Internet.
    The special healthcare needs of children, from newborns to adolescents, are the focus of Children’s Health Services, a new component of Winthrop’s Institute for Family Care.

    Children’s Health Services facilitates seamless navigation through Winthrop’s array of preventive, diagnostic, treatment, and educational programs. Referrals to Winthrop’s pediatricians are offered, in response to the parents’ and children’s needs.

    Children’s Health Services is also concerned with developmentally disabled infants and toddlers, through age three. Its services include a home-based early intervention program, administered as part of a statewide program, which draws on the skills of specialized staff from Winthrop’s Home Health Care Department. They perform an initial evaluation and determine a treatment plan. Ongoing care is provided by the Winthrop Home Health Care staff, including physical, occupational, and speech therapists.

    Use the toll-free telephone number for easy access: 1-877-559-KIDS.

    Internet access is readily available to staff and visitors in the Women’s and Children’s Health Resource Room. Patients may use the Service’s computers to go online to research educational topics and obtain health-related information through a direct link to the Internet. A growing library of educational brochures, books, and videos on children’s health is also available for the public’s use.

    Children’s Health Services also identifies community resources and services. “We are a ‘direction center,’ helping people to find answers to their questions about children’s health. If the information is not directly at hand, we will research the topic and obtain it,” promised Anne Walsh-Feeks, MS, Program Manager.

    Internet access is readily available.

    Winthrop already enjoys mutually supportive relationships with a number of area schools. Through Children’s Health Services, the Hospital is collaborating to expand health educational services to even more schools. Health-related programs are offered to students from pre-school through high school.

    Through direct mail, Winthrop’s Children’s Health Services is communicating the good news about its diverse resources to the community. To add your name to the list, or to obtain services, call 1-877-559-KIDS.

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