Children�s Health Services Program:
A Wealth of Information and Referrals

Vol. 10, No. 2
June, 2000

  • Longer-Lasting Implants Used for Total Hip Replacement

  • Brachytherapy Service Expands to New Island Hospital
    Brachytherapy Expertise Benefits Patients at Winthrop�s Affiliate

  • New Technology Reduces Pain of Tonsillectomies

  • Tips for Safe Use of Insect Repellent Containing DEET

  • Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for Six-Bed Vascular Stepdown Unit

  • Children�s Health Services Program:
    A Wealth of Information and Referrals

  • Pediatricians on Medical Mission to El Salvador

  • Stereotactic Technology System Expands the Parameters of �What is Operable�

  • Stroke Team Offers the Latest Treatments

  • Team Provides New Seizure Control Procedure for Children

  • MRI Unit Receives Three-Year Accreditation from the American College of Radiology

  • Emergency Department Receives Adelphi University Award

  • Ultra-fast, Multi-slice CT Scanner Installed in Radiology Department

  • Installation of Winthrop�s Auxiliary Officers

  • Lita Reilly Elected Auxilian of the Year

  • Annual Junior Volunteer Awards Ceremony

  • Focus on Home Care:
    Care without Compromise Comes Home

  • In the Swing of Things

  • Child Life Program Expands Hours and Services

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  • At Children�s Health Services, part of the Institute for Family Care, parents are assisted with computerized research on children�s health topics. Anne Walsh-Feeks, MS, Program Manager, (standing, R) assists Wendy Thomas (seated, L) with logging on to the Internet.
    The special healthcare needs of children, from newborns to adolescents, are the focus of Children�s Health Services, a new component of Winthrop�s Institute for Family Care.

    Children�s Health Services facilitates seamless navigation through Winthrop�s array of preventive, diagnostic, treatment, and educational programs. Referrals to Winthrop�s pediatricians are offered, in response to the parents� and children�s needs.

    Children�s Health Services is also concerned with developmentally disabled infants and toddlers, through age three. Its services include a home-based early intervention program, administered as part of a statewide program, which draws on the skills of specialized staff from Winthrop�s Home Health Care Department. They perform an initial evaluation and determine a treatment plan. Ongoing care is provided by the Winthrop Home Health Care staff, including physical, occupational, and speech therapists.

    Use the toll-free telephone number for easy access: 1-877-559-KIDS.

    Internet access is readily available to staff and visitors in the Women�s and Children�s Health Resource Room. Patients may use the Service�s computers to go online to research educational topics and obtain health-related information through a direct link to the Internet. A growing library of educational brochures, books, and videos on children�s health is also available for the public�s use.

    Children�s Health Services also identifies community resources and services. �We are a �direction center,� helping people to find answers to their questions about children�s health. If the information is not directly at hand, we will research the topic and obtain it,� promised Anne Walsh-Feeks, MS, Program Manager.

    Internet access is readily available.

    Winthrop already enjoys mutually supportive relationships with a number of area schools. Through Children�s Health Services, the Hospital is collaborating to expand health educational services to even more schools. Health-related programs are offered to students from pre-school through high school.

    Through direct mail, Winthrop�s Children�s Health Services is communicating the good news about its diverse resources to the community. To add your name to the list, or to obtain services, call 1-877-559-KIDS.

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