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Winthrop-University Hospital’s Institute for Heart Care will hold its second annual Women’s Heart Health Symposium, “A Woman’s Heart – One Singular Sensation,” on Thursday, February 7, 2007. The program will be held from 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM at Winthrop’s Community Outreach Center, 101 Mineola Boulevard, at the corner of Second Street in Mineola.

Healthcare professionals from the Division of Cardiology are rolling out the red carpet for women to join them in celebrating a woman’s heart while learning about ways to improve heart health in a fun and unique format that emphasizes total well-being.

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in women. However, research has shown that women can modify, change or treat their risk factors to reduce the risk, and significantly lower their chances of developing heart disease.

The symposium will include a talk on nutrition and cooking demonstration of a heart-healthy meal by Kevin Marzo, MD, Chief of the Division of Cardiology at Winthrop, as well as risk factor screening and stress reduction therapies such as dance, massage, and music. Attendees will also have the opportunity to hear about the experiences of a young woman who experienced cardiovascular disease.

“The purpose of this year’s Women’s Heart Health Symposium is to celebrate a woman’s heart while learning the most up-to-date information about the number one killer of women. Our goal is to provide a relaxed and fun environment where each and every woman can learn about heart disease, the risk factors associated with heart disease and strategies for reducing risk,” stated Barbara George, RN, MSN, EdD, Cardiology Nurse Coordinator, Outpatient Research and Heart Failure Services. To maintain heart health, she emphasized the importance of modifying personal risk factors and offered the following practical tips:

• Do not neglect chest pain, chest pressure, shortness of breath or a decrease in exercise tolerance.

• Eat a diet similar to the Mediterranean diet, which includes whole grains, fruits and vegetables, with fish and poultry a few times a week, and red meat a few times a month in small amounts; use healthy oils such as olive, canola and flaxseed.

• Limited intake of saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium; avoid trans fat

• Don’t smoke and avoid second-hand smoke

• Get regular exercise, 30 minutes a day, 5 times a week (walking is great)

• Maintain a healthy balance between work and relaxation; learn stress reduction techniques.

• See your doctor for regular check-ups and when necessary, take medication as prescribed.

• Know your numbers: Healthy blood pressure is less than 120/80; total cholesterol should be less than 200 with HDL (“healthy” or “good”) holesterol at 50 mg or higher.

Parking and the entrance are available at the rear of the Outreach Center. Additional parking is available at the 120 Mineola Boulevard garage (entrance on First Street).

Admission is free, but space is limited. Reservations are required. To reserve your space, please call 1-888-53-WOMEN. For further information, please e-mail

Winthrop is a member of Spirt of Women®, a coalition of American hospitals and healthcare providers that ascribe to high standards of excellence in women’s health, education and community outreach.

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