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How Does vBloc® Therapy Work?

The device, which is implanted under the skin using a minimally invasive procedure, intermittently blocks the VagusVagus nerve’s signals to the digestive system, resulting in an earlier feeling of fullness and less hunger.

During surgery, two electrodes are implanted in the trunks of the VagusVagus nerve, close to where the stomach and the esophagus meet. The system is then programmed to suit the individual patient. Compared to other weight loss procedures, the device does not restrict or alter the anatomy – you will simply eat less because you feel full sooner. According to studies, vBlocvBloc is the safest implanted device for weight loss, reporting fewer surgical complications, as compared to gastric sleeve, gastric band and gastric bypass.

Unlike traditional weight loss surgeries, our patients who undergo the therapy achieve significant weight loss with vBlocvBloc Therapy, if used in conjunction with significant lifestyle and diet changes. We always advise our patients to exercise regularly and make healthy food choices to maintain their weight loss.

Weight Loss Procedures Comparison


vBloc Weight Loss Procedure

vBloc surgically implanted for lifetime, can be removed, no alteration of anatomy, for BMI >BMI 35 and < 45.


Endoscopic Balloon Dilation Weight Loss Procedure

Inserted endoscopically fendoscopicallyor 6 months, then removed.

Gastric Bypass/Sleeve

Gastric Bypass and Gastric Sleeve Weight Loss Procedure

Surgical procedures done robotically /robotically minimally invasively, invasivelynon-reversible, for all BMIs >BMIs 35.

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