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ENT services

Tonsillectomy and Adenoidectomy

The surgical removals of the tonsils and/or adenoids are a common procedure at Winthrop-University Hospital and can be performed utilizing the state of the art equipment to minimize postoperative pain and prevent infections. Here at Winthrop the surgeon has the choice of utilizing electrocautery, shaver, coblation, or PK Plasma Knife. All methodologies are FDA approved and all surgeons are trained in these specialized techniques.

Nasal and Sinus Surgery

Nasal and Sinus Surgery at Winthrop-University Hospital can range from septoplasty, nasal reconstruction, to intricate image guided sinuplasty surgery. All procedures utilized the most minimally invasive techniques merging the most technologically advanced equipment on Long Island. Click for more information.

Direct Suspension Microlaryngoscopy

The vocal cords and pharynx are carefully examined employing the use of a Zeiss Microsurgical Microscope. Carbon Dioxide Lasers and Flexible Lasers are available to carefully mitigate cancerous growths quickly and easily.

Obstructive Sleep Disorders

Over 70 million Americans have a sleep disorder and here at Winthrop-University Hospital, the otolaryngology department works in conjunction with the Sleep Disorder Center to relieve patients of obstructive life threatening conditions. Surgical intervention range from the simple to the complex, if needed, and are available with the state of the art minimally invasive techniques.

Endolympatic Sac Decompression

Meniere�s disease, a very disturbing illness triggering imbalance and vertigo, can be caused by fluid accumulation in the inner ear. The drainage of this fluid from the endolymphatic sac can alleviate and prevent future fluid and subsequent symptoms. This is performed by the highly skilled otologists at Winthrop utilizing a high powered Zeiss microscope and precision, state of the art microsurgical instrumentation.
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