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Adverse Pregnancy Outcome & Preterm Birth
Evaluation and Prevention Program

What are Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes?

An adverse pregnancy outcome is an event which reduces the chance of having a healthy baby. �
  • 2 or more 1st trimester miscarriages
  • 2nd trimester pregnancy loss (>12 weeks)
  • Preterm birth (spontaneous or indicated)
  • Preterm pre-eclampsia or eclampsia
  • Fetal growth restriction
  • Abruptio placenta
  • Fetal death/Stillbirth
  • Other conditions related to pregnancy loss such as a clotting disorder (antiphospholipid antibody syndrome or a genetic thrombophilia)
  • Is the APO Evaluation and Prevention Program Right for You?

    Couples experiencing an adverse pregnancy outcome may be at risk of having other adverse outcomes in future pregnancies. The goal of the Adverse Pregnancy Outcome (APO) Evaluation and Prevention Service is to: �
  • Determine the cause of your adverse pregnancy outcome
  • Counsel you about the risk of another adverse outcome in future pregnancies
  • Establish a plan for a successful pregnancy in the future
  • � �

    The APO Prevention and Evaluation Service�s Convenient Five Step Process

    1. Referral
      You are referred to the APO Evaluation and Prevention Service by your health care provider.
    2. First Contact and Preliminary Medical History
      Your first contact is a telephone call to an experienced obstetrical clinical nurse specialist. She will explain the service to you and document your reproductive and general medical history.
    3. Detailed History and Medical Records
      You are mailed a detailed questionnaire concerning your medical and reproductive history, along with forms for obtaining various medical records. After completing the questionnaire and returning it to the Service, a consultation appointment is scheduled within two to three weeks after your information is received.
    4. Medical Team Analysis of Your History and Test Results
      The Service�s medical team will review and analyze your information prior to your initial consultation.
    5. A Course of Action for You
      At the time of your consultation, a course of treatment and a plan will be presented to you and a letter summarizing this plan will be sent to your doctor. Further tests may be recommended before or after your consultation.

    How To Make An Appointment

    The APO Evaluation and Prevention Service is a comprehensive program designed to meet the needs of women who have experienced adverse pregnancy outcomes. The service, directed by a team of medical experts who are full-time faculty at Winthrop-University Hospital, combines the medical expertise needed to deal with the complex health issue of adverse pregnancy outcomes. To schedule a consultation, please call (516) 663-6925.

    Team of Specialists

    Wendy Kinzler, MD
    Director, Adverse Pregnancy Outcome
    Evaluation and Prevention Service
    Obstetrics and Gynecology-
    Maternal-Fetal Medicine

    Anne-Marie Wise, RN
    Coordinator, Adverse Pregnancy Outcome
    Evaluation and Prevention Service

    Maternal-Fetal Medicine
    Perinatal Pathology
    Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility
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