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From the tiniest newborns to children and adolescents, from women before, during and after their childbearing years to men with special needs and senior citizens, there is a physician in Winthrop's Institute for Family Care for every member of the family.

"...This letter is to express my thanks and appreciation to your terrific pediatric staff...Our experience at Winthrop-University Hospital was entirely positive. I know Emily could not have been better taken care of in any other hospital..."

Woman's Health Services

Physicians may use any of a number of imaging techniques to make an initial diagnosis or confirm a suspected diagnosis. Taking care of children, spouses and aging parents often leaves little time for women to worry about their own health. Winthrop's Women's Health Services was created to simplify the process of gathering accurate information, accessing support services and obtaining referrals to appropriate healthcare practitioners.

The Women's Resource Center

The Women's Resource Center is a comprehensive information resource. Women may access the Center through a toll-free telephone number - 1-866-WINTHROP. One call puts women in touch with a certified social worker or clinical nurse specialist who will respond to any health related concern; make referrals to physicians, allied health professionals, and support groups; and help research any health-related topic. A library of informational materials is available, and women may use the Resource Center's computer to log onto the Internet.

Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology

Winthrop's Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology is committed to excellence in patient care, advanced research and outstanding medical education. The Winthrop OB/GYN team is also proud of its strong partnership with Long Island's medical community.

New Life Center

More than 5,000 babies each year begin their lives in Winthrop's New Life Center, a modern, up-to-date facility that offers 16 labor-delivery- recovery rooms, each attractively decorated to provide a comfortable, homey environment. While the ambiance is tranquil and non-clinical, expectant moms and dads can feel secure in the knowledge that the sophisticated technology and vast resources of a major, university-affiliated medical center are close at hand should a complication develop.

Reproductive Endocrinology

For some couples, parenthood is an elusive dream. Reproductive endocrinologists at Winthrop are dedicated to helping couples achieve viable pregnancy and experience the unparalleled joy of parenthood.

Gynecologic Oncology

The Institute for Family Care's Gynecologic Oncology Program is headed by a Board certified physician. She and her highly skilled staff offer women specialized care for cervical and ovarian cancers.


Bladder incontinence is a common concern as women age. Urogynecologists at Winthrop offer comprehensive evaluation to pinpoint the cause of incontinence, and offer a range of treatment options. Relief may be afforded through non-surgical techniques and devices or the latest surgical procedures.

Breast Health Program

The Institute for Family Care's Breast Health Program provides comprehensive care to women who are concerned about breast cancer or other breast diseases. Screening examinations, including mammography and instruction in breast self-examination, are offered. Should an abnormality be detected, further diagnostic testing is available, including ultrasound, needle biopsy, Mammotome stereotactic biopsy and surgical biopsy. Specially focused breast surgeons and surgical oncologists provide surgical services. If a malignancy is found, treatment options offered at Winthrop include medical oncology and radiation therapy.

Physician Referrals

From adolescence to young adulthood, pregnancy to middle age, to menopause and beyond, women's bodies change and so do their healthcare needs. Women's Health Services in Winthrop's Institute for Family Care is uniquely staffed to make referrals to highly qualified healthcare specialists who can address the physical changes that take place at each stage of life. Endocrinologists who are attuned to hormonal changes and the potential impact of osteoporosis as women age, dermatologists and cardiologists who are keenly aware of women's special risks for heart attack later in life are among the team of specialists available to address women's health concerns.

General Obstetrical & Gynecological Care

Annual gynecological health screenings, including PAP tests, family planning care, management of normal and high-risk pregnancies, and other routine obstetrical and gynecological care are provided.

Diagnostic & Treatment Options

The full range of sophisticated diagnostic equipment is in place in Winthrop's many specialty centers. Diagnostic imaging capabilities include the latest generation of CT scanning, MRI, ultrasound and nuclear medicine. Physicians in the Institute for Family Care work closely with their colleagues in Winthrop's other Institutes to provide their patients with seamless care. Should surgical treatment be required, general surgeons as well as surgical subspecialists on Winthrop's staff have access to up-to-date surgical facilities both for inpatient procedures and through the Ambulatory Surgery Center.

Children's Health Services

Children of all ages receive special treatment from pediatricians based at Winthrop as well as from affiliated pediatricians in many surrounding communities.

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Board certified neonatologists, who are leaders in their field, staff the bustling Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, providing life-saving care to premature and critically ill newborns.

Comprehensive Range of Pediatric Subspecialists

Children with special medical needs may be seen by one of Winthrop's pediatric subspecialists, who have advanced training and vast experience in disciplines ranging from behavioral pediatrics and pediatric cardiology, to critical care, endocrinology, gastroenterology, genetics, infectious disease, neonatology, neurology, nephrology and pulmonology.

Adolescent Medicine Program

Winthrop also boasts an Adolescent Medicine Program to bridge the transitional years when youngsters have outgrown the pediatrician but are not yet ready to begin seeing the internist.

Cancer Center for Kids

Winthrop-University Hospital together with its affiliated practitioners have collaborated to create the Cancer Center for Kids. The Cancer Center for Kids� services are provided by both the Hospital and Pediatric Hematologists/Oncologists affiliated with Winthrop Pediatric Associates, P.C. (�WPA�) who utilize both the state-of-the-science facilities of the Hospital and WPA�s new outpatient practice.

Diagnosing and treating the range of cancers and blood disorders in children is the focus of specialists in Winthrop's Cancer Center for Kids. Staffed by pediatric hematologists/oncologists with decades of experience, the Center is a unique regional resource that caters to children's medical needs and also addresses the psychosocial issues they and their families face.

Child Life Program

To ensure that the hospital experience is as stress-free as possible for children and their families, the Child Life Program is available in both the Emergency Department and the pediatric unit. Through therapeutic play, arts and crafts, entertainment and other diversions, Child Life Specialists help children understand and cope with hospitalization.

Behavioral Pediatrics

In an effort to integrate the youngsters' emotional, developmental and behavioral health into their medical care, Winthrop's Behavioral Pediatrics Program is an integral component of Children's Health Services.

Children's Health Resource Center

This unique service may be accessed via a toll-free telephone number - 1-866-WINTHROP. Information on any topic related to children's health is available, including referrals to physicians and allied health professionals, information on conditions and access to the worldwide web.


The multiple and often overlapping health needs of older adults are the focus of Winthrop's Geriatric medicine specialists. Geriatricians are physicians who have expertise in providing specialized primary care and geriatric consultative services to individuals with complex health problems and chronic medical conditions and to those who enjoy good health. Thorough evaluation and careful monitoring are provided, as well as supportive services, educational programs, and evaluation for community-based resources. Support groups for adult children and well spouses are also offered. For additional information, please call 1-516-663-2588.

Primary Care for Men (& Women!)

Primary and preventive medical care is provided to men and women by a roster of highly qualified internal medicine and family practice physicians. Men and women have a wide range of physicians from which to select, including both Hospital- and community-based practices. For a referral, call 1-516-663-0333.

Home Care

Once the need for hospitalization has been resolved, there may be lingering needs for a less intense level of care and assistance. These can be met through Winthrop's Home Care Agency, which provides home health aides, skilled nursing services, social work, speech, physical and occupational therapy, and other services for patients as they continue to convalesce in their own homes. A Long Term Home Care Agency provides services to meet the multiple healthcare needs of the chronically ill person who elects to remain at home. For additional information, please call 1-516-663-0333.

Focus on Education

Through the Institute for Family Care, Winthrop carries out its commitment to community service and education. Free community health education lectures are offered on a monthly basis to provide relevant, accurate health information to women, men, parents and senior citizens.

Speakers Bureau

Medical professionals from throughout Winthrop's Institutes volunteer to speak to community groups, PTAs, special interest clubs, support groups, civic associations...virtually any type of meeting. Topics can be tailored to the unique interests of the group. The goal is to share accurate and timely health-related information with the public in order to promote good health and wellness.

Perspectives in Health

These lectures are held one evening each month and feature Winthrop experts who address health-related topics of interest to the general public.

Women's Wellness Series

These lectures are also held monthly in the evening. Winthrop experts are complemented by outside speakers who discuss issues that are of special concern to women. In addition, special events, some held off-site, provide women with other interesting educational opportunities such as cooking demonstrations and panel discussions, where Mothers can learn about preparing for college alongside their high-school-age daughters at the annual "Getting Your Daughter Ready for College" evening.

Parenting Today

This is a monthly lecture series, conveniently scheduled in the evening that offers practical advice to parents with children of all ages. Topics cover every phase of childhood-from infants and toddlers through adolescents-and are designed to provide parents with a framework of successful parenting strategies that can help them raise children, who are both physically and emotionally healthy.

Health Update for Seniors & Their Families

This is a monthly series of afternoon lectures that address topics of interest to older adults. Held off-site at the Mineola Community Center, this well-attended series also provides seniors with an opportunity to participate in a free blood pressure screening.

What's Happening at Winthrop

This lecture series provides Winthrop speakers with an opportunity to address emerging healthcare trends and new developments. Scheduled as the need arises, What's Happening at Winthrop lectures address specific healthcare concerns that appear in the community.

Lunch & Learn

Winthrop experts bring the learning experience into the workplace with conveniently scheduled Lunch & Learn lectures. These can be individually tailored to meet the needs of the specific audience. Lunch & Learn lectures represent Winthrop's partnership with local corporations and its commitment to ensuring good health in the region.

For additional information on community education programs, please call (516) 663-2234.

Keep Your Family in Focus...

To learn more about Winthrop's Institute for Family Care, call the Resource Center at 1-516-663-0333.
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