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GME : Fellowship : Oncology-Hematology

Oncology-Hematology Fellowship

Division Chief: Harry Staszewski, M.D.

Program Director's Message

Our focus is to develop clinicians who are adept at prevention, screening, diagnosis and treatment of a broad range of malignancies, as well as benign hematologic disease. This is a three-year program of comprehensive clinical training in both medical oncology and hematology, satisfying double-board eligibility, with protected time to pursue an original research project. Fellows are trained in all procedures relating to oncology/hematology, including bone marrow aspiration, biopsy and interpretation, coagulation testing, blood banking, chemotherapy administration and stem cell transplantation. The Division is a member of the Southwest Oncology Group and is a site for numerous investigational drug and treatment trials in hematologic, as well as malignant disease.

Division Chief: Harry Staszewski, M.D.
Number of Fellowship Positions: 6
4th Year Medical Student Elective: Yes
Fellow Elective(s): Special Hematology, Blood Bank, Radiation Oncology, Stem Cell Transplant, Gynecologic Oncology, Research


  • Over the past five years, all fellowship graduates have obtained board certification in hematology and medical oncology
  • Access to a wide variety of pathology, including more than 1,600 new cancer diagnoses annually
  • Outpatient continuity experience maintained throughout the three years
  • Extensive didactic training includes eight weekly hematology and oncology conferences
  • Full range of clinical programs, including autologous stem cell transplantation program, CALGB clinical trials participation, a dedicated inpatient oncology unit and an outpatient chemotherapy/transfusion treatment suite.
  • Generous house staff benefits, including heavily subsidized housing and three complimentary meals per day


During the first two years, the program is designed to emphasize clinical training in oncology and hematology in six-month alternating blocks. Teaching conferences in both specialties are provided throughout the three years of fellowship training. Fellows make daily consultations on inpatient medical and surgical services, and have a major responsibility for the weekly outpatient Oncology/Hematology Teaching Practice. During the second year, fellows assume a leadership role in teaching and rounding on the inpatient services with house staff and first year fellows. During the third year, there is sustained scholarly activity, as well as continued outpatient experiences. Third-year fellows explore special interests via electives in Gyn or pediatric oncology, tumor pathology, cytogenetics, molecular methods and bone marrow transplantation.

Rotations in Months

  Hematology Oncology Radiation
Elective Research
PGY 4 6 6 0 0 0 0
PGY 5 4 6 1 1 0 0
PGY 6 2 0 0 0 4 6

Clinical Services

Seven full-time attending physicians, all double-boarded in Hematology and Medical Oncology

Full array of tertiary services to support complex treatment protocols including robotic surgery, infectious disease, rehabilitation, radiopharmaceuticals, advanced endoscopy, cyberknife radiosurgery, and genetics counseling. A new 32-chair state-of-the-art infusion center and a dedicated inpatient unit for ambulatory and inpatient treatments. Access to a wide variety of pathology, including more than 2000 cases annually, treatments including intensity modulated radiation therapy, monoclonal antibody based therapy, and autologous stem cell transplantation.

Research:We have a new generation of investigational trials using newer targeted agents. Winthrop participates in numerous cancer clinical trials and faculty interests include epidemiology of colon cancer as well as tumor marker validation in breast and lung cancers.

Key Faculty

  • Harry Staszewski, M.D.
    Chief, Oncology Hematology Division, Associate Professor of Medicine, Stony Brook School of Medicine.
  • Alexander Hindenburg, M.D.
    Attending Physician, Associate Professor of Medicine, Stony Brook School of Medicine
  • Jeffrey G. Schneider, M.D.
    Director, Thoracic Lung Cancer Program,  Associate Professor of Medicine, Stony Brook School of Medicine
  • Michael Garrison, M.D.
    Attending Physician, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Stony Brook School of Medicine
  • Nina D'Abreo, M.D., Attending Physician, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Stony Brook School of Medicine
  • Alice Zervoudakis, M.D., Attending Physician, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Stony Brook School of Medicine
  • Mary O'Keeffe, M.D., Attending Physician, Instructor in Medicine, ¬†Stony Brook School of Medicine

For further information, contact:

Harry Staszewski, MD
Chief, Division of Oncology and Hematology

Winthrop-University Hospital
200 Old Country Road, Suite 450
Mineola, NY 11501

Tel: (516) 663-4608
Fax: (516) 663-4613

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