Winthrop-University Hospital
Statement of Commitment to Graduate Medical Education

Winthrop-University Hospital was founded more than 100 years ago to serve the needs of a community which had no readily accessible hospital facility. Winthrop successfully and consistently fulfilled its original patient care mission until soon after WWII, when Winthrop began its maturation from community hospital �to community teaching hospital� to the independent academic medical center it is today. Winthrop's position as a leading tertiary care institution on Long Island is inextricably grounded in its commitment to graduate medical education. The infrastructure which was created to support GME is in large part the infrastructure which supports excellence in patient care.

Winthrop-University Hospital - its board, its senior administration, and medical staff - is committed to excellence in Graduate Medical Education, as it is to excellence in patient care. We, who bear direct or indirect responsibility for the training of new physicians, hold core values and expectations for our diverse training programs: that scholarship and life-long learning be nurtured; that professionalism, academic and clinical discipline be fostered; that ethical and humanistic treatment of patients be paramount. Our learners are expected to incorporate these values, and our teachers are expected to model them.

We are committed to providing the resources necessary to meet or exceed the Institutional and Program Requirements of the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME). This includes attracting and retaining a faculty who have the necessary breadth of clinical knowledge and skills, as well as abiding personal commitments to teaching. We are also committed to having the resources available for restructuring and adapting our GME curricula to a rapidly changing health care environment. This would include the provision of core competencies, as defined by the ACGME, across all programs. We will ensure that the curricula provides for residents to develop clinical competencies under appropriate supervision, with graded levels of progressive responsibility.

We will also ensure that the GME environment is enriched by an active program of basic and clinical research, thus providing residents with the opportunity to develop the skills of scientific inquiry. We will maintain core support services which facilitate clinical and academic growth, such as adequate patient support services, a state of the art health sciences library, media services and conference facilities appropriate to the scope of medical education at Winthrop.

We will provide a learning environment in which opportunities for academic growth are maximized by attention to quality of life. This includes adherence to New York State duty hours limitations; provision of competitive salary, medical and other benefits; provision of counseling services and career guidance; access to affordable housing and meals; and an environment free of harassment of any nature at any time.

Winthrop is committed to maintaining its support of GME administration, such that the evaluation, assessment, monitoring and oversight of GME policies, procedures and programs can be effectively accomplished.

Finally Winthrop reinforces the fact that medical education and research stand in complementary partnership with patient care, as first articulated in the hospital's 1989 Mission Statement, and as reaffirmed by the Board of Directors in 2000.

Approved by Graduate Medical Education Committee: October 30, 2000
Approved by WUH Board of Directors: November 14, 2000

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