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The Division of Nephrology and Hypertension has a long history of research aimed at increasing our understanding of the mechanisms of kidney disease and improving treatment.

Clinical research on salt and water metabolism carried out by Dr. John Maesaka has challenged existing paradigms about salt and water handling by the kidneys and has led to important new insights into hyponatremia and volume disturbances. This program includes clinical and laboratory research approaches which have helped elucidate the mechanisms by which these disorders occur. Learn more about Dr. Maesaka�s research.

Research examining educational innovations in fellow, resident and student education are exploring new learning methods to help strengthen all aspects of medical education. This work holds great promise to help create new approaches to medical education which can better incorporate different learning styles and the emerging role of technology and help trainees develop into highly competent physicians who provide safe, evidence-based and patient-centered care while developing skills for life-long learning.

A research program studying the effects of utilizing clinical prediction rules and clinical decision support in the care of patients with kidney conditions in the inpatient and outpatient settings aims at using these interventions to help improve their care of patients with kidney disease. Patients with diabetic nephropathy and other forms of chronic kidney disease are a particular focus of this work.

Research is being carried out with Dr. Allison Reiss at the Research Institute examining mechanisms of accelerated atherogenesis in patients with chronic kidney disease. Studies are also underway examining the role of circulating endothelial cells in patients with diabetic nephropathy. Clinical research is being carried out studying renal outcomes in patients who undergo transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) through a collaborative project with the Division of Cardiology.

The division also has a full time research fellowship supported by an ECRIP grant for a project examining the impact of different forms of vitamin D therapy in patients with end stage renal disease on hemodialysis.

Clinical Trials Program


Director: Shayan Shirazian, M.D.
The division has a robust Clinical Trials Program for a number of industry-supported clinical trials evaluating various therapies in the treatment of patients with chronic kidney disease and those on dialysis. Current trials are examining new diagnostic and therapeutic modalities for chronic kidney disease related anemia, renal bone disease and polycystic kidney disease.
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