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Core Program

image Serving adults with diabetes, as well as their family members, the Diabetes Education Center offers a comprehensive diabetes self-management Core Program that focuses on the person.

This personal approach begins during your first visit, when a member of the Center's staff meets with you about your unique situation. The information you share is incorporated into a diabetes self-management plan tailored to your individual needs based on age, school or work schedule, as well as activities, family demands, eating habits and health problems.

Through group sessions with individual instruction facilitated over several days or evenings, the Core Program addresses every aspect of diabetes self-management from understanding blood glucose results to guidelines for eating in restaurants.

Each participant receives a personalized meal plan developed by the registered dietitian. The final component of the Core Program is a three-month follow-up visit that provides an opportunity for continued learning and support.

Refresher Course

A short course for people who previously completed the Core Program and would benefit from:
  • Reviewing diabetes self-management basics
  • Learning the latest advances in diabetes treatment
  • Counsel on any recent lifestyle changes or concerns

    Stand-Alone, Individualized Programs

    Committed to meeting the diverse needs of our diabetes community, the Center offers a variety of stand-alone courses that are taught in individual sessions. Some programs involve multiple visits due to the extensive amount of information that needs to be covered. Ongoing follow-up is encouraged for all services.

    Individual instruction is also available to families of children with diabetes, patients with vision loss and patients with special language needs.

    Nutrition Education and Meal Planning

    Registered dietitians are available to meet individually with you and your family to design a tailored meal plan and review:
  • A system for making food choices
  • Meal planning
  • How to read a food label
  • Guidelines for eating out

    Dining Out with Diabetes series and Cooking Courses

    The Diabetes Education Center also offers very social diabetes-related cooking classes and a Dining Out with Diabetes program ,which provide additional guidance on how to vary food selections and make more healthful food choices at restaurants and gatherings.

    Insulin Therapy Instruction

    A registered nurse personally teaches patients how to take insulin, covering:
  • How to fill a syringe or use an insulin pen
  • Practical guidelines for travel and insulin storage
  • Symptoms and treatment of low blood glucose
  • Linking insulin therapy with blood glucose monitoring results

    Insulin Pump Training

    Instruction on how to use an insulin pump is provided by a Certified Pump Trainer who reviews:
  • Pump features
  • Basic programming skills
  • Troubleshooting
  • Use of insulin to carbohydrate ratios, basal and bolus rates
  • Exercise adjustments
  • Lifestyle issues

    Gestational Diabetes Education Program

    Pregnant women who have never had diabetes before but who have high blood glucose levels during pregnancy are said to have gestational diabetes.

    Facilitated by a nutritionist, this program offers:
  • Comprehensive review of how gestational diabetes affects a mother and her baby
  • Systematic approach for making healthy food choices that meet the needs of a pregnant woman with diabetes, supporting the growth of her baby
  • Instruction on self-monitoring blood glucose and urine ketones

    For more information, call (516) 663-2350.
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