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Counseling That Could Save Your Life

image The Diabetes Education Center at Winthrop-University Hospital was the first diabetes education program in New York State to be accredited by the American Diabetes Association. Founded in 1979, the Center provides the knowledge, skills and tools people living with diabetes need to manage their chronic condition successfully and avoid the many associated complications.

Committed to meeting the diverse needs of our diabetes community, the Center offers both group instruction and a variety of stand-alone courses that are taught in individual sessions. Some programs involve multiple visits due to the extensive amount of information that needs to be covered. Ongoing follow-up is encouraged for all services.

imageBecause family support is so important for people who live with diabetes, family members are welcome to attend all of our programs.

Why diabetes education?

NY_diabImagine that you are in a small airplane and the pilot is suddenly unable to fly the plane. You are asked to come to the cockpit although you know nothing about flying a plane. The gauges, dials and terminology are completely foreign, yet you must learn to fly or perish. A team of experts guides you by radio and teaches you to safely land the plane. Similarly, when diagnosed with diabetes, you need to make decisions about your food choices, learn new skills and new terminology. You may feel frightened, frustrated, uncertain. There's a team of experts at the Winthrop Diabetes Education Center who can guide and teach you what you need to manage your diabetes (but we know nothing about airplanes...).

The Diabetes Education Center Staff

BCH_2013diabetesThe Center's staff takes a hands-on, personal approach to helping you navigate through the wealth of information about the disease and its management. The staff includes registered nurses and registered dietitians. They are certified by the National Certification Board for Diabetes Educators in the specialized care and education for people with diabetes and will assist you through every phase of the education process. Our administrative assistants will help you with the registration and billing processes.

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Diabetes Education Center
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