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The Pacemaker-Arrhythmia Center at Winthrop-University Hospital

The Pacemaker-Arrhythmia Center at Winthrop-University Hospital is a state-of-the-art facility located in Mineola, New York. The center offers cutting-edge service with highly skilled clinical cardiac electrophysiologists who specialize in the entire range of heart rhythm diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.
The Center offers both of inpatient and outpatient services. The inpatient facility is located at Winthrop-University Hospital at 259 First Street in Mineola, NY. This facility consists of 3 dedicated EP laboratories and a separate additional dedicated procedural area for tilt table testing, elective electro-cardioversion, and ICD testing. The laboratories and dedicated highly trained electrophysiology staff offer the best facilities on Long Island.

The Doctors

Winthrop's electrophysiologists have trained at some of the best centers in the world.

Director of Electrophysiology: Todd J. Cohen, MD

Associate Director of Electrophysiology: Joseph Germano, DO

Private Physicians: Bassiema Ibrahim, MD; George Juang, MD; Jeffrey Snow, MD

The Procedures

Electrophysiology Studies and/or Catheter Ablations: Catheters are placed through veins or arteries into all aspects of the heart for pacing, mapping, and recording of electrical signals. Stimulation of the heart is performed from a specialized control room in which the doctor and/or staff help to induce and analyze the heart rhythm abnormality (arrhythmia). Arrhythmias can be treated by a procedure called catheter ablation in which energy is delivered via steerable catheters in order to eliminate a particular arrhythmia. Catheter ablations of all types including AV junction ablations, slow pathway ablations, accessory pathway ablations, atrial tachycardia ablations, atrial flutter ablations, atrial fibrillation ablations (pulmonary vein isolations), ventricular tachycardia ablations are performed. Specialized mapping equipment includes three-dimensional non-fluoroscopic mapping and intra-cardiac echocardiography.

Device Implantations

Devices to treat all types of heart rhythm disturbances are implanted including pacemakers, implantable cardioverter-defibrillators, implantable loop recorders, and biventricular devices. Many of the first implants of the latest devices have been implanted in the Winthrop-University Hospital's Electrophysiology Laboratories. In addition, Laser - Lead extraction is performed.

Head-Up Tilt Table testing

This test is performed typically at a 70 degree tilt ("head-up") in which the patient's rhythm and blood pressure are continuously monitored. Sometimes a medication called isoproterenol is infused to facilitate the test. This test is helpful in elucidating the cause of syncope and particularly diagnosing vaso-vagal syncope.


This procedure is typically performed in order to convert atrial fibrillation (or atrial flutter) to a normal rhythm. The staff will require appropriate documentation of anticoagulation and/or a negative trans-esophageal echocardiogram prior to the procedure.

Postoperative Follow-up

This should be with the doctor (and/or team) that performed the procedure.

Community Service

The Winthrop Team provides a quarterly ICD support group called "The Long Island Miracles." This is a free informative session usually during a weeknight on the Winthrop campus. Key topics related to patient's care or concerns are discussed and refreshments are provided. The schedule can be obtained at 516-663-8530.


Winthrop Electrophysiologists are involved in an active research program. Questions about patient, student or doctor participation should be addressed to 516-663-8530.
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