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A procedure that uses ultrasonic waves (much like a sonogram) that is directed over the chest wall to obtain images of the heart. These images show the heart's position, motion of the walls of the heart and the interior chambers and valves of the heart. The echocardiogram can also show blood flow with in the chambers of the heart. This can help you cardiologist help determine if the heart valves are functioning properly or if there is an abnormal communication or flow between the chambers or the major blood vessels.

Echocardiographic Cardiac Images can help your cardiologist determine many things about your heart. Your doctor may perform an echocardiogram to:
  • Assess the function of your heart.
  • Help diagnosis many different types of heart disease.
  • Help determine the progression or stability of many types of valvular disease.
  • Assess the pumping function of the heart.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of surgical or medical cardiac treatments which a patient has under-gone.

Special types of Echocardiograms can be performed to help assess certain cardiac conditions. One such type is a Transesophageal Echocardiogram or TEE.


With a standard transthoracic echocardiogram the transducer is moved across the chest to obtain different views of the heart. With a transesophageal echogradiogram, the transducer is placed in the esophagus (food pipe) and cardiac images are obtained from the back of the heart.

The results of the echocardiogram will help you and and your physician determine the best course of treatment.
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