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Will I be monitored throughout my procedure?

Is having anesthesia dangerous?

Why can�t I eat or drink before anesthesia?

Will I receive a bill for anesthesia services?

Will I be Monitored throughout my procedure?
In all situations an attending anesthesiologist will be responsible for developing an anesthetic care plan. If the attending anesthesiologist is administering the anesthetic by themself then the anesthesiologist will be with you throughout the procedure. If the attending anesthesiologist is working with either a resident in anesthesiology or a nurse anesthetist, then a member or the anesthesia care team will be with you at all times. In all cases the attending anesthesiologist will be supervising the other members of the anesthesia care team.

Is having anesthesia dangerous?
Today, the risks of complications from all types of anesthesia are less than 1 in 100,000. In fact, while other specialty's malpractice coverage have risen, rates for anesthesiologists have gone down.

There are individuals who are at increased risks for having an adverse effect following an anesthetic. The anesthesiologists may require certain diagnostic tests, request consultations from other specialists, prescribe certain types of anesthetics/monitors or even delay your surgery to make sure you are in the best possible condition for receiving anesthesia.

Why Can�t I Eat or Drink Before Anesthesia?
When you have an anesthetic, whether general anesthesia, regional anesthesia or M.A.C. you may be given drugs that will reduce your ability to cough or clear your mouth. If your stomach is not empty, some of your stomach contents may be regurgitated and enter your lungs. This is called 'aspiration'. If this occurs it may make you very ill. Fasting greatly reduces the chances of this event occurring.

Will I Receive a Bill?
Your anesthesiologist is a private practice physician who provides important professional services. As the recipient of those services you are responsible for the fees charged. Nassau Anesthesia Associates, the professional group of anesthesiologists practicing at Winthrop, participates in a number insurance plans. For questions you may call the billing department at (516)741-0570.

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