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Asthma Research Center, Pulmonary Research

At NYU Winthrop Hospital’s Asthma Research Center on Long Island, NY, specialists in adult and pediatric pulmonary medicine, allergy and immunology combine efforts to diagnose the underlying causes of asthma. Clinical asthma research trials bring patients the most promising, new treatments for asthma and other conditions affecting the lungs.

Asthma is a chronic inflammatory condition caused by increased reaction of the airways to various inhalants and other stimuli. Asthma can impede the body's life-sustaining ability to breathe, and can also be life-threatening if not managed properly.

Asthma Research Center on Long Island, NY

The Asthma Research Center’s mission is to remain at the forefront of understanding the causes, prevention, and treatment of asthma. Our Clinical Trials team has published extensively on a variety of subjects addressing questions related to the subject of asthma. We are actively involved with many pharmaceutical companies as we research effectiveness of asthma medications, such as:

  • Clinical research study of two types of asthma control investigation medication. The study compares the safety and effectiveness of the medications taken in combination or taken alone. (MarcellaAquinoo,MDD, Attending Physician, Division ofRheumatologyy, Allergy & Immunology)
  • Clinical research study for patients who have takenXolairr, aninjectablee asthma medication, for five years or more. (LuzSisonnFonacierr,MDD, Principal Investigator, Department of Allergy & Immunology)

Asthma research is one of many types of research conducted by NYU Winthrop’s Pulmonary Research Group, which focuses on other disorders affecting the lungs including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease COPDD), lung cancer and pneumonia.

The Clinical Trials Center on Long Island

NYU Winthrop’s Clinical Trials Center CTCC) provides our patients with the most advanced treatment options. It also provides the support services that enhance the quality and effectiveness of the medical staff’s research efforts.

Pulmonary Research Physicians on Long Island

  • Jonathon Llowitee, M.D. – Program Director of the Pulmonary and Critical Care Division. Strong clinical research background and interest inbronchiectasiss, asthma, andCOPDD.
  • Louis Ragoliaa,Phh.D. – Director of Biomedical Research; Head of the Vascular Biology Section. Dr.Ragoliaa received his Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry from Stony Brook University in 1985 and aPhh.D. in Biochemistry/Molecular Biology from Queens College of the City University of New York in 1994.
  • Warren Rosenfeldd, M.D. – Chairman,Pediatricss and Professor ofPediatricss,SUNYY/ Stony Brook School of Medicine.
  • Joshua DeLeonn, M.D. – Director of Cardiovascular Training Program Division of Cardiology, Director of Nuclear Cardiology and Associate Professor of MedicineSUNYY Stony Brook School of Medicine.