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Trauma Team - Winthrop-University Hospital

Working at Winthrop says something about you. Because your efforts not only help your career--they help the community you live in. At Winthrop-University Hospital, you'll be an important part of a team dedicated to improving the lives of patients by providing quality care. Whether you join in the area of Nursing, Accounting, IT, Social Services, Therapy or others, you will be respected and appreciated. We are driven by a focused commitment to being the best--a commitment made possible by the unwavering dedication of talented Winthrop people who take enormous pride in what they do.

Team Pride

Thoughtfulness in explaining the procedure every step of the way, in anticipating our patients' and family members' needs, in recognizing that each patient is a unique individual.
Excellence is inherent in everything we do. This is accomplished by setting, meeting and exceeding the highest standards for our jobs and ourselves.
Attitude is consistently positive to convey a feeling of confidence, reassuring patients that they have made the right choice for their care.
Motivation in what keeps the team moving in the right direction. Knowing what we do is vital to helping our patients and provides our team with all the motivation they need!
Performance We all do our best at our respective jobs and we work together as a "TEAM" to truly achieve great results.
Respect We respect ourselves, our fellow workers, our colleagues and, of course, our patients whom we individually and collectively serve. We respect Winthrop as an organization and understand we represent it in what we say and how we act each and every day.
Integrity We are honest, reliable and sincere in all we do. Our patients, families and visitors put their faith in us, and we must cherish this special trust and responsibility.
Dedication We commit to making Winthrop distinctive in its quality and service. Although our jobs are diverse, we are unified in our commitment to your health.
Empathy We never forget that we are serving people who depend on all of us. We are people caring for people. We are the Winthrop TEAM and we take PRIDE.